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Toothless Droopy Dawg Rolls Over

By The Reverend Published: July 13, 2011

How humiliating.

After barking and snarling about no debt increase deal without Medicare cuts, yesterday, the Dawg who can only bark, Senate GOP Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, rolled over and surrendered his soft and paunchy political underbelly up to Democratic President Barack Obama.

Droopy Dawg Mitch McConnell anticipated the political pain coming his way if Republicans refused to raise the debt ceiling. Congressional Republicans, already reeling from the backhand Americans have delivered to them over their vote to abolish Medicare as we know it, just couldn't bear another humiliatingly embarrassing, out-of-touch moment like that Droopy went before cameras yesterday and explained that Republicans don't really care anything about debt and deficits, handing over all decision making on raising the debt ceiling to the dreaded socialist President Obama.

The Dawg rolled over.

Not only did the corporate Senate minority Dawg rollover yesterday.....but in doing so, McConnell also exposed his own party's soft underbelly of political cynicism.

The Droopy plan....

The way it would work is the legislation would authorize him to get to the amount he says he needs based upon the advice of his Secretary of the Treasury in three tranches: The first tranche, $700 billion, the second tranche $900 billion, the third tranche $900 billion.

Once the request is made it would be appropriate in either or both houses for a resolution of disapproval to be taken up on an expedited procedure. If that expedited procedure in both the House and the Senate -- if the resolution of disapproval achieved a majority -- it would go down to him where he could either sign it or veto it. My assumption is he would veto it. And that veto would be sustained by one-third-plus-one in either of the houses.

In other words, Republicans appear to be willing to play dead on the debt ceiling as well as any more demands over spending cuts....if Democrats will only permit them to occasionally bark between now and next fall's election. No bite, mind you. Just toothless barking about how oh-so-irresponsible that Kenyan socialist president of ours is when it comes to borrowing. McConnell and the Republicans seem willng to give unilateral power to President Obama over raising the national debt in exchange for 3 kabuki theater opportunities before the presidential election next November.

If McConnell's rollover is adopted, Obama will raise the debt ceiling as needed, present a list of spending cuts to Congress which he, alone, can implement or refuse to implement.....and go about his business addressing his other duties as president. Totally toothless.....that's what Droopy Dawg presented as a compromise yesterday.

This offering by the all-bark-and-no-bite Droopy Dawg McConnell should finally put to rest the question of whether Republicans give even one damn about our national debt and deficits. They don't....and really never have. The odious Dick Cheney told Paul O'Neil back in 2003 that "deficits don't matter, Reagan proved that." Yesterday, Mitch McConnell confirmed Cheney's cynicism, making it clear that the deficit and debt issues are merely, and only, opportunities to exploit for political purposes.

News of McConnell's rollover immediately lit up the far right internuts. Here's's Erik Erikson, a darling of the Tea Party conservatives....

Mitch McConnell just proposed the "Pontius Pilate Pass the Buck Act of 2011." .... the President would get to raise the debt ceiling three times in the next year at several billion bucks a pop without making any spending cuts unless two-thirds of both houses of Congress disagree. In his press conference, McConnell says he would not give the President “unilateral authority to make spending cuts on his own,” but this plan would allow the President to raise the debt ceiling pretty much automatically.

RedState's proprietor is..umm..seeing red.

The noxious far right blogger, Michelle Malkin, yet another extremist voice in Tea Party land, resorted to animation to make her bitterness over McConnell's announcement clear....


Longtime readers are familiar with our time-honored tradition of marking inevitable Senate GOP sellout moments with the head-banging-against-the-wall animated gif.

Well, it is time to resurrect it again to commemorate Mitch McConnell’s latest maneuver that would give President Obama new power to automatically increase the federal debt limit. It’s a convoluted way of abandoning the fight for fiscal sanity altogether and leaving the mess in the Democrats’ enhanced control.

Will Erik and Michelle and all the other Tea Party extremists work to primary these Republican dawgs out for caving to President Obama on raising the debt ceiling?

Stay tuned for the next episode of "As the Wingnut Turns"



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