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Blog of Mass Destruction

Tracking An Alleged Blogstorm

By The Reverend Published: August 3, 2007


Recently it has come to The Reverend's attention that, apparently, is under seige by something being called a 'blogstorm'.

And if this 'blogstorm' is anything like the hail storm we experienced recently, there could be damage. And now let's be honest, who would want that?

Briefly, this 'storm' seems to be storming over's new right and left bloggers.

The Reverend doesn't like giving credit where credit has not been earned, so names and blogsites of storm will not be linked to at this time. However, one specific 'storm' topic will be evaluated. The name of my site.

Disclaimers first.

Ohio. com has no responsibility, whatsoever, for the site name, content, opinions, or anything else that The Reverend has chosen to write. is also not responsible for any snack food crumbs or coffee stains I might leave around my keyboard while posting. Can you believe it? The Mothership is not even providing me with a cleaning person.

In addition, does not compensate The Reverend in any way. With this relationship, I have total independence. Well...not from Mrs. Reverend....but you know what I mean.

I have already explained why I've chosen Blog of Mass Destruction as a title. If you haven't read the post, "What's In A Name", yet, scroll down and find out why BMD was chosen.

To some Ohio blog folks, though, my chosen title is oh-so-very similar to another Ohio blog title. Stormy accusations of potential plagiarism swirl.

The Reverend, being a man of the book, urges all to "come, let us reason together".

Compare: Blog of Mass Destruction with Weapons of Mass Discussion

If one types into his address bar, there are no sites found. Upon further investigation the actual blogsite name allegedly being "ripped off" is officially addressed,

So let's compare now shall we: Blog of Mass Destruction with Mass Discussion

Over the years The Rev has lost a half step or so but other than the word "Mass", I just don't quite see that much similarity here. However, for the sake of the hard of hearing I will bore deeper, remembering that a 'blogstorm' is threatening.

In my blog title we find the word "Blog". In the other we do not find the word "Blog".
In my blog title we find the word "Destruction". In the other we do not find the word "Destruction".
In the other blog title we find the word "Discussion". In my blog title we do not find the word "Discussion".

But not wanting to allow any storm source to go undetected, let's go one layer deeper into our comparison.

The word "Destruction" compared to the word "Discussion".

Extremely sharp readers will be able to see that both of these words start with a "D". But so do the two words Dumb and Dumbbell, but they aren't really the same words now are they?
The reaction by a handful of Ohio blog writers to these two dissimilar blog names would be similar to storming about ABC ripping off PBS beause they both contain the letter 'B'? Just illustrating...please no panty bunching.

Now I realize that with 71 million blogsites out there that I should have, somehow, been aware of this one specific site in Ohio whose blog name is dissimilar from mine but alas, there it is, I wasn't.

Having seen a bit of the commentary concerning this issue, The Reverend must confess that his initial reaction was:

Jesus, what in the hell is wrong with these self absorbed freaking guys? What can I do to quell this 'storm'?

I'm hoping now, with this post, the 'blogstorm' said to be threatening will simply spin itself out without causing any serious damage. I'll keep my Blogospheric Radar Storm Tracker unit plugged in....just in case.



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