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By The Reverend Published: April 30, 2008

Today's ponderings....

What has become transparently clear this election cycle is the pains establishment Villagers, conspiring with Republicans, have gone to in order to keep policy discussions off the front pages and off the evening "newscasts". Instead of thorough discussions, meaningful question and answer sessions, follow up rebuttal questions, comparisons of left-right policies, the last 8 years of Bush policies....etc.....we have been treated to a glorious presentation of personal guilt-by-association attacks and meaningless trivialities.

The reasons this is happening are just as transparent.

Millionaire "journalists" don't have any interest in health care affordability, bankruptcies or the cost of energy. Filthy rich talking heads could care less about failed education systems or the lack of good paying jobs. What would they care about the problems of the little people?

In this, the Villagers, aka Knee Padders, are in complete agreement with the completely out-of-touch Republican Party. Republicans don't care about the little people either. They have demonstrated as much by their reign of terror against the will of those same little people. Republicans are the self-confessed political party representing the powerful, just as now the main media has become the propaganda arm of the powerful.

Republicans and Knee Padders alike know the national score as we head towards November. Both realize that nationally the GOP is in for an ass-beating this fall. Well deserved, I might add. Both the GOP and the KPM also are keenly aware of why this situation has presented itself. Three words....George Walker Bush. They know this. Bush's criminal leadership and his clusterf*ck approach to all things serious has worn down the American voters until Bush now stands as the most disapproved of president ever.

Americans have had enough of the bullsh*t and are prepared to throw the bums out for a generation. The Republican Party and the Knee Pad Media, both advocates for the most powerful, Bush's base, are well aware of all of this. And so policy talks are not in their interest. Discussions about policy differences between the GOP and the Dems will only make matters worse for Republicans. Don't ask and we won't the MO.

McCain wants to stay the Bush course of imperialistic crusades of pre-emptive, unilateral wars of choice. McCain wants to stay the Bush economic course of domestic financial destruction, going so far as arguing that employer provided health care should be terminated!

Democrats want to change all of this utterly failed policy. However, the policies of the Democratic candidates, especially Obama's, don't favor the powerful and the already rich. That's why the incest filled media business has no interest in airing Democratic proposals or digging deep into policy distinctions.

Why would they?

Make no mistake about any of this. America is now in a full scale battle against those who would change our nation and the world into some perverted rich guy club. The Republican Party, having shamed itself over the past 14 years, now yoked to an Entertainment Tonight Knee Pad Media which never rises above juvenile vapidity, are waging propagandistic, virtually totalitarian, war against the American voters.

Americans need the proper truthful information from which they can decide. We need policy discussions, not Mean Girl scripts. Neither the Padders nor the GOP'ers want to provide that information because it's so devastating to their cause.

It's all very transparent.



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