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Trent Lott, Man Of Integrity

By The Reverend Published: November 28, 2007


Integrity is what I like to see from politicians. By god, if there's one character trait The Reverend looks for in a's integrity. One senator who has a lot of integrity is Trent Lott, GOP'er from Mississippi. And a politician with integrity, like Trent Lott, when he finally steps down and retires from his office, will be a retirement brimming with integrity. One for the Hall Of Integrity Fame, to be sure. Like the following retirement of integrity....

(37 seconds)

Gives that Dixiecrat, intolerant, horse-pucky about dead Strom....another thorough demonstration of integrity by Trent-boy.....a good run for it's money, huh?

My take? Trenty just can't stand the fact that his party will have it's derriere booted so thoroughly next November, so thoroughly that he'll be relegated to emptying the waste baskets. And hell, it's time for Mr. Integrity to scratch off his Lobbyist Lottery Winning Ticket anyway.

Don't let the door....and all that.



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