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Trinkets For The Morons

By The Reverend Published: August 5, 2008

ABC News can't find stuff fast enough to support the tired, hollow presidential campaign of John Sydney McCain. ABC News, as we have seen recently in the anthrax letters story, does whatever it has to do in order to please establishment Republicans....even if that means spreading Bush lies and then swearing to they did in assisting America's rogue leader in leading Americans to believe, wrongly, that Iraq presented a threat to the U. S.

The new GOP Leader is Mr. McCain, and so ABC News is quick to spread McCain's silly and moronic lies, yukking it up as only empty-headed morons can.....

McCain has found a groove -- and with those tire gauges already scattered wide, remember that no one can push a message (or make a quote famous) quite like a united Republican Party. Link

No one can push an empty-headed, moronic and lying message quite like the Republican Party. Of course, the Republican Party can't push an empty-headed, moronic, and lying message without the help of Knee Pad folks, like ABC News.

And here I thought when Mr. McCain offered up his wife Cindi to compete in the Sturgis topless contest today, he had found his groove.

ABC News' Bret Hovell reports: Obama's energy plan, as framed by the McCain campaign, can be summed up with one small giveaway to the press: a tire pressure gauge.

I realize that Republican voters aren't in the top half of the high school graduates out there....these dimmer bulbs have that in common with the presidential nominee for their party this year....with McCain coming in 5th from the bottom academically out of a class of 800. Shiny and stupid symbols are what amuses this dimmer group. You know, purple heart bandaids of mockery, flip-flops held up by fat and sweaty Republican women....and now shiny tire pressure gauges that sparkle in the light.
One thing you can say about Republicans.....they are amused easily. I attribute that to the often cited "common sense" they all have instead of high GPA's.

McCain senior adviser Mark Salter came to the press section of McCain's plane Monday morning to hand out the gag gifts: gauges that read "Obama's Energy Plan", a reference to the presumptive Democratic nominee's recommendation last week that Americans make sure the tires on their automobiles are properly inflated in order to maximize fuel efficiency.

Who better to amuse so easily than the Knee Pad Media members....recognizable by their glazed donut icing drippings on their chins, compliments of the Straight Talk Express. With so many lies, f*ckups, confusion and flip-flops by the Arizona cancer's now become a challenge to keep McCain's base, the media, from criticizing him. What better way than with a gag gift? Gag gift....Knee do the math.

ABC's lone line of redemption.....

Experts have heralded Obama's suggestion -- that Americans tune up their cars and fully inflate their tires -- as one that could save up to 292,000,000 barrels of oil a year. Link

For those not so easily amused by shiny objects:

The issue under consideration is what can be done that would have an immediate impact on gasoline prices. John, Big Oil, McCain says the answer is drilling. Of course, McCain the joker, only flipped to this moronic answer after Hess Oil officials and other oil industry folks gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the maverick. Bush's energy department says that drilling won't have an impact on gasoline prices for 10-20 years. And then when that oil reaches the market, it won't lower oil prices one thin dime. Now there's a funny story for ABC to report on....but what fun would that be when shiny objects of stupidity are out there to, you know, report on.

Obama's answer of tune-up and tire inflation would immediately cut America's demand, thus in principle, lowering crude prices. But see who states this stuff? "Experts." Who needs experts when morons are so much funnier....and they are just oh-so-good at pushing a moronic message, aren't they? Experts with facts and studies and empirical data are soo zzzzz.....I mean, how fun would it have been if the morons hadn't lied us into attacking and occupying Iraq? How many amusing moments would we have lost if the Republican morons only relied on facts and studies and empirical data concerning Iraq? Much more amusing just to tell moronic stories in order to blow up Muslims, don't you think?

And so it is with tire pressure gauges handed out on the Flat Tire Express. They're all shiny and, you know, fun....and Knee Padders can wave them around under the light while they're servicing the owner of the bus.



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