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By The Reverend Published: October 5, 2013

Andrew Sullivan....

..he (Obama) has already conceded sequester-level spending, and has cut the deficit in the last three years by the swiftest amount since the end of the Second World War, what else do they (Republicans) want him to do?

Here's exactly how Obama and Congress have radically cut the deficit....

Congress at the end of 2010, when it froze spending rather than letting it increase with inflation.....cuts $400 billion. In 2011, the newly elected House Republicans slashed the budget further during a stand-off that almost shut down the government, then demanded lower caps on discretionary spending in exchange for lifting the debt limit. Finally, the fiscal-cliff dodging deal enacted last week raised taxes while, in an under-reported move, also cutting some spending as part of the agreement to delay further scheduled spending cuts for two months. All told, it’s some $2.4 trillion of deficit reduction, mostly from the spending side.

A lot of people would think that $2.4 trillion is...well...a lot. But if the budget deficit falls in a forest, how would anyone know?

Last month Bloomberg took a poll asking: Is it your sense that this year the deficit is getting bigger or getting smaller, or is it staying about the same as last year?

About 59 percent of Americans told the news organization in a recent poll that they believe that the deficit is growing. It isn't.

I attribute this basic lack of knowledge to corrupt corporate media. Corporate media exist to serve the desires of.....corporations and their owners. If you think otherwise at this really haven't been paying attention. What corporate owners and their rich corporate board buddies want is the same thing they've always wanted.....more money. In 21st century America, one of the "tools" to fulfill that insatiable desire is to deceive and mislead voters into believing falsehoods and fantasies. Major corporate media "news" outlets exist today for that purpose....oh...and profits, don't forget profits.

One example should suffice here....

In Four Years, Sunday Shows Have Not Quoted A Single Scientist On Climate Change. Of those who were asked about climate change on the Sunday shows, 54 percent were media figures, 31 percent were politicians and not one was a scientist or climate expert.

Think about that. Not one climate four years of Sunday "news" shows. Why do you think that has been the case? Happenstance?

In the case of Americans led to believe the falsehood that deficits are rising.....the objective of the deceivers in media is to cut, cut, cut government spending (the Republican platform) on the poors, the geezers and the like.....paving the way for further tax cuts and regulation rollbacks on the rich. (Think: Clinton balanced budget.....resulted in.....Bush Jr. tax cutting windfall favoring the rich.) Working to make voters believe a lie is part and parcel of the Republican/Media/Rich Few, Axis of Bullshite.

To make matters cynically worse, Republicans, as Dick Cheney explained to Paul O'Neil in 2003, don't care one damn about deficits. "Deficits don't matter, Reagan proved that." Further, the entire W. Bush presidency is proof positive that Republicans/conservatives don't give a damn about deficits. Unpaid for wars, unpaid for Medicare Plan D, unpaid for tax cuts.....unpaid for everything. Keep in mind here, W's presidency wasn't....umm....that long ago.....yet I don't recall corporate media and the usual-deceiving-suspects mentioning the awful, awful, nation destroying nature of those Bush-ballooned deficits.

At any rate, the current shutdown-clustersmuck comes at a time when 59% of Americans believe in a lie. That is by design. Because if corporate media did their jobs instead of constantly fellating the rich few in front of cameras and microphones, then Americans would understand that during our nation's worst financial downturn, "commie" Democrats and the "socialist" Obama (much to my chagrin) have already agreed to $2.4 trillion in deficit reduction. Americans polled would know that the deficit is currently falling at the fastest rate since WW2. Americans would know that the current GOP hissy/tantrum is nothing but phony posturing.

But if Americans knew the truth about these matters, they might rise up next year and throw out Republicans in the midterms.....and tell me, how could a down-on-their-luck billionaire ever have hope of future tax cuts if their GOP employees in media were exposed as the posers that they are?



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