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Trumping Failed Media

By The Reverend Published: April 18, 2011

It appears that the brilliant cartoon strip author Garry Trudeau of Doonesbury will be rubbing the corporate media's face in their own Trump mess this week.


The American corporate media circus is one of the main reasons why I took to blogging. There is very little identifiable journalism to be found in our modern corporate media culture. I'm no expert on journalism, of course, just as I am no expert on much of anything.....but at least I pay attention.

Apparently, that's what Trudeau has been doing as well. Paying attention to the utter nonsense, the repellent display of self-humiliation, that main media has been presenting to it's audiences the last couple of weeks in their "coverage" of Donald Trump.

Regardless of what you have heard, Trump is not really a serious candidate for the presidency just as he is not really a self-made millionaire. He began his career this way....

Trump began his career at his father's company, the Trump Organization, and initially concentrated on his father's preferred field of middle-class rental housing in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

Nothing at all wrong with starting out in the family business, mind you.....but The Donald is not someone I would classify as a self-made success.

Three marriages and a couple of bankruptcies are not typical indications of success in life.....but those types of failures can be easily overlooked when a Republican-favoring, tax cut longing, corporate media is desperate to find someone....anyone...who can compete with the Dark Knight in next year's general election for the presidency.

Naturally, the anti-Obama network....Fox News....has been featuring Donald Trump's embarassing and phony media-jerkoff routine about running for the presidency virtually every hour on the hour. And if Fox does it...then the other also-rans must follow....and so they have. Today's Doonesbury strip perfectly encapsulates the Trump interview conducted by NBC's Meredith Viera last week. If there were ever an interviewer who had.... "what the f*ck am I doing"....written on her was Viera. How embarassing to be interviewing such a loathsome, narcissistic person whom she surely knows will never run for the presidency. Why will Trump never run? Because the job doesn't pay enough.

Sadder still have been the claims by corporate media blowhards that Donald Trump has simply been "sucking all the oxygen out of the room" when it comes to recent media attention. This nonsense is the bastard stepchild of another popular, yet, nonsensical media statement that such-and-such is "grabbing the headlines."

Those overused cliches are supposed to make us think that news media have no power to control what is presented each day in newspapers and on teevee. In today's case.....and parallel with Trudeau's cartoon strip's as if news reporters are robotic zombies who cannot resist the powers of the Dick Cheneys or the Donald Trumps. These all-powerful cosmic controllers "suck all the oxygen" out of the newrooms, apparently turning newsroom producers into Pod People who must obey their "headline grabbing" masters.

As I have mentioned here often, today's corporate news media no longer comprehends it's role as one of protecting the American people by finding out the truth and then informing us of that truth. Instead, today's corporate news media writes down what conservatives and progressives tell them to write down. That's what passes as reporting today. Simply presenting to audiences what they are told to present.

When it comes to informing the public what is true and what isn't, so that viewers are, you know, informed....David Gregory of NBC's Meet The Press has laid down the new 21st century corporate media rule...."It's not our job." To explain to readers and viewers what is true and what is a lie would, you taking sides. Telling the truth about who is being honest and who is lying might alienate one side's viewers....and that might mean a drop in the ratings.

And so it is with Donald Trump. One segment of viewing audiences are so damn desperate to defeat Obama next year that they are flailing away like drowning people in search of a lifejacket candidate. The Donald....and of course the corporate media....are more than willing to give that audience what they want. You know, supply and demand. None of it has to make sense.....none of it has to be authentic or real.....Trump, as he surely isn't...doesn't have to be running for president.

But the media has to pretend that he is.....because any other course would see....telling the truth.....and that would be taking sides.



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