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By The Reverend Published: November 3, 2010

Conservatives insist that they are the Americans who have "common sense." Many times during this year's midterm election campaigns, I've heard a former 1/2 term governor tell her adoring fans how they could help send "common sense conservatives" to Congress. Common sense conservatives who would bring their "common sense solutions" with them to D.C.

Yesterday, those common sense conservatives turned out in big numbers at the polls and turned a 256-179 Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, where all national laws begin, into a Republican majority of 239-183. Quite a reversal......but that's how common sense works....I guess.

In the Senate, common sense conservatives fell short by a couple of races yesterday. Colorado and Alaska senate races may take months to figure out....but Democrats now have 49 senate seats and Republicans have 46, plus 2 independents who usually vote with the Democrats. Common sense conservatives came up just a bit short in bringing their common sense solutions to the Senate.

What will common sense solutions from the GOP House look like come January?

What we know at this point is what the doggedly-common sensical, yet still minority senate leader, Mitch McConnell, has told us. In his folksy, down-to-earth, common sensical way, McConnell has already explained what the number one priority will be for the new and improved common sensical Congress: destroy the presidency of Barack Obama. McConnell didn't mince words. And isn't that just how common sense communicates? None of those elitist complexities from sir...straight to the point....nothing flowery or complicated.....just the common sense solution of running a still-popular Democratic president out of office.

Our nation's new common sense-filled Speaker, Ohio's own John Boehner,.......has informed his common sense supporters, as well as the rest of us who are, apparently, common sense challenged......about the two most important common sense solutions he will be pushing from his new Speaker position.

Previously, the common sense-filled new Speaker, voted in support of Bush's historic tax cutting sprees in 2001 and 2003. The elites say that those tax cuts are the biggest factor in all projected national debt and deficit projections....but as we've learned....elites lack any common sense.

So our new common sense-filled Speaker has told us what his first common sense solution to our debt and deficit problem will be.

Make the Bush tax cuts permanent.

That's a common sense solution we can believe in, isn't it? To elites who lack the common sense attributes of conservatives, it seems counterproductive to add $4 trillion to the national debt over the next 10 years in order to reduce our.....national debt. But it is just these types of common sense solutions, locking in $4 trillion in new debt as a solution to our debt problem, which simply flies over the heads of educated elites.

The other primary common sense solution that our new common sense-filled GOP House will entertain immediately in January is the repeal of the health care legislation passed by elitist Democrats all the way back in the early part of 2010.

In between hearings and investigations into the numerous impeachable offenses of Barack Obama....the new common sensers will be formulating an "Obamacare" repeal bill.

Once again, even though I can't see the brilliance in repealing health care reform, must be a brilliant move. Reality-based folks, those who insist our solutions to problems should be based on facts and evidence, simply cannot comprehend the wisdom in sh*tcanning a comprehensive plan to extend health insurance to some 30 million Americans who don't have insurance now....while it simultaneously reduces the national deficit.

But reality-based folks obviously don't have enough common sense to immunize themselves against the confusion resulting from relying on way too many facts and the befuddlement which marks those who derive, study and evaluate way too much empirical data.

I'm thinking that yesterday's election has finally ushered in the common sense government we've been waiting for, don't you? A common sense-filled GOP House overflowing with common sense solutions to America's debt and deficit problems.

If the common sense of investigating Barack Obama for numerous impeachable offenses escapes you, if the wisdom of adding $4 trillion to the debt in order to reduce the debt flies right over your head, if scrapping a health care reform bill which extends access to health care to millions while significantly reducing the deficit seems wrongheaded and self-defeating......then all I can tell you the morning after the common sensers start to take back their that you must be an educated and informed elitist who lacks any common sense.

Finally today....a word about Ohio. Ohio has been ravaged by outsourcing, free trade, and NAFTA. More jobs than can be counted were lost in Ohio over the last 2 decades. With the loss of those jobs, state revenues have plummeted. Now Ohio can't afford to do much of anything.

Common sensers interpreted those realities in Ohio as an opportunity to elect new common sense Republicans. Our new Governor Kasich looked at Ohio's revenue shortfalls, applied his common sense magic, and concluded that what Ohio needs is less his only proposal is to eliminate the Ohio income tax. If you don't get it...don't understand Kasich's common sense solution....then I hate to break it to you...but common sense is not your strong suit.

And how should reality-based Ohio voters comprehend the election of former Bush free trader and job outsourcing advocate, Rob Portman, to replace the retiring George Voinovich? Without the possession of basic common sense....I suggest it is an impossibility. Ohio has lost a boatload of jobs and so common sense voters went out and voted for the most notable outsourcer and free trader in recent history.

If that seems a tad schitzoid to apparent suggestion is for you to pack up all those facts , figures, studies and findings that you have been relying upon.....put them in the nearest dumpster.....and then come and quietly witness the awe-inspiring national breakout of common sense. I'm sure it will change your life.



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