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Tweety-Bird On Evolution & God

By The Reverend Published: July 30, 2009

MSNBC's Chris Matthews is quite the narcissist. What Matthews, in essence, is all about on his daily Hardball program,.... is hearing himself talk. It's always and invariably all about Chris Matthews. He is a case study in D.C Villagerdom. He regards himself as a kind of common sense Lone Ranger (like David Broder). As far as Matthews is concerned, the left has too many whackos and the right has too many wingnuts, leaving him and a handful of Very Serious Centrist Thinkers to make grown-up sense out of all the "extremist" nonsense out there in the political universe.

In May Matthews took on Mike Pence (R-IN) about the anti-science and anti-evolution beliefs of American conservatives. Start at the 2:40 mark for the sake of today's post....

Matthews mocks the literal 6 day creation belief of Christian fundamentalists and tries to get Pence to say he doesn't believe in evolution....

"Do you believe in evolution? I don't think your party is committed to science."

Tweety offers a quick one-liner airing his 'concern' about conservative fundamentalists....

"They believe in belief itself."

What is implied is that conservative fundamentalist Christians who believe god magically created the universe in 6 literal days instead of over billions of years through evolution is "believing in belief itself." Something that Tweety, himself, being the Very Serious Centrist that he is....would never do.

On other occasions as well, Matthews, a proud Catholic Christian, has stated his firm conviction that he has no trouble following science's lead on evolution. He's very comfortable with the idea that an invisible and never seen god (for him the Christian god) created's just that this invisible and never seen god did so over a period of 3+ billion years. Matthews "believes in that belief."

See....Matthews isn't like those fundamentalists who think an invisible god made everything in six 24 hour periods. Those fundamentalists are all silly people "believing in their belief." How wingnutty can those fundamentalist Christians be? Instead, Matthews believes in the scientific explanation of the origin of all things....evolution over 3+ billion years, THAT THE INVISIBLE AND NEVER SEEN GOD STARTED.

Being a non-believer myself, I want to take this opportunity to pointout the utter bullsh*tness of Matthews position.

Within Catholic Christianity, god (Yahweh, Jesus' Father) is believed to be all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere present. Permeating the doctrines of Catholicism is the teaching that this never seen god is, unquestionably, worthy of human worship. Good Catholics, like Matthews proudly says he is, believe that this all powerful, all knowing, everywhere present god, "saved" humanity through some invisible cosmic legal transaction completed by a Nazarene preacher 2000 years ago. Matthews, when he attends Mass, has a wafer placed in his mouth which, good Catholics believe, once eaten, becomes the literal, yet totally invisible and mysterious, "body of Christ."

Matthews "believes in that belief."

Now the absurdity.

If god is all powerful, all knowing and everywhere present, and chose 3+ billion years ago to start the process of evolution.....what kind of god is he and why should this god be worshipped by humans at all?

He's a god, though all powerful and all knowing, who would sit back after sparking evolution 3+ billion years ago and watch his crowning glory, made in his own image,....suffer unceasingly under disease, the butchery of war and human conflict, and natural disasters. A god who has never intervened, though all powerful, to stop any of the darkest moments through which humanity has endured. Not once.

This is the invisible god Chris Matthews worships, this is the god Matthews believes in.....not the 6-literal-days-to-make-everything god....that's just stupid and worthy of mockery.....but an all powerful, all knowing, everywhere present invisible god who "made" everything by sparking evolution, and then sat back and watched the resultant quagmire of misery without ever intervening.

If you had the power and knowledge to stop your children from suffering, getting a disease, or dying......would you intervene for the sake of your children? Or, with the power and knowledge to alleviate suffering, disease and death at your command, would you sit back, like god does, and not do anything?

The point I'm trying to make is this: How self-unaware can a person like Matthews be when he mocks fundamentalist Christians for "believing in belief" when it comes to 6 literal day creation scenarios.....while simultaneously "believing in belief", himself, about an invisible, all powerful, all knowing, everywhere present, deserving of human worship god, who "created" everything over 3+ billion years through evolution but won't, or can't, lift a divine finger to end the suffering, misery and death which grips all of the "creation?"



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