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Two Short Years

By The Reverend Published: November 19, 2007


Exactly 2 years ago Democratic Representative John Murtha declared forcefully that the U.S. needed to remove it's military from Iraq. You might remember how wingnuts villified him and the shameless troll, Jean Schmidt, sadly from Ohio, called Murtha a "coward cut and runner".

Here's what's happened since that time.

From The Gavel....

The following stats are then and now numbers....

U.S. troop deaths 2081 3865

U.S wounded 15,900+ 28,400+

Cost in tax dollars $213.6 B $448.6 B

Cost per month $6.5 B $9.6 B

Crude oil price $49.46 $86.02
per barrel

Gasoline price $2.20 $3.11
per gallon

U.S. debt $8.083 T $9.11 T

All with no Iraqi reconciliation accomplished. And all that while at the same time creating MORE Islamic extremists.

Murtha was correct 2 years ago. The moronic bloodlusters and greedmongers were wrong. Jean Schmidt is still a troll.

Because the Bush/Cheney/1/3 Republican House are holding the nation hostage til at least January 2009.....just think what those numbers will look like by then.

All because Junior's ego cannot be bruised by admitting he was completely and utterly wrong about Iraq. You know, it just wouldn't look very good in the Decider's Presidential Library. Gag me with a spoon.

Helluva way to operate the world's lone superpower.



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