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U.S. Defends Israel As They "Mow the Grass"

By The Reverend Published: July 18, 2014

I don't have enough information yet to make a determination on the Malaysian commercial airliner which was allegedly shot down over the Ukrainian-Russia border. Most of the Village is blaming Russia or "pro-Russian separatists." That, alone, should be reason to be skeptical.

What's clear is that the expertise, and the equipment, to shoot down an airliner flying at 33,000 feet, suggests state players....rogue, or not. Yes, east-Ukrainian players did take credit for downing one Ukrainian military fighter plane and one military transport plane....but those planes were reported to have been downed by shoulder launched missile hits. Shoulder held missile launchers do not have the capability to down a plane flying at 33,000 feet. At this point, my wildest guess would be that the downing of the airliner was a mistake....a miscalculation. I don't see how any of the players in the current and ongoing dispute in Ukraine benefit from killing 295 civilians.

Elsewhere, Israeli patriots are methodically going about "mowing the grass" in Gaza. 

Israel will act to "mow the grass" as frequently as necessary to degrade enemy military capabilities and keep Israel's rivals off-balance.

Slaughtering some 265 Palestinians, over half women and children, is called "mowing the grass." Just a mundane task which has to be done every so often. U.S. puppetmasters repeatedly refer to "mowing the grass" as "Israel's right to defend itself." Thus far, only one Israeli soldier has been killed. 265-1......fair and balanced, I think Fox calls it.

Neo-cons and Muslim haters are cheering on the slaughter, as they did back in late 2008 when Israel's grass needed mowing. During that landscape work, nearly 1400 Gazans were slaughtered, again, half were women and children. Palestinian women and children are fair game because they're "human shields." It's important to know the proper lingo to use when cheering for the mass murder of civilians.

No matter the death toll, no matter how long this current grass mowing will take, no matter how many evil human shields are the end, Israel will lose. International support for Israel has been waning in recent years, primarily because of all those messy mowings....but also because Israeli leaders, similar to U.S. House leaders, are being pressured by ultra-conservative right wingers to a point where any peace agreement or two state proposition is impossible. Israel, like America, is finding it increasingly difficult to govern itself.

What should be interesting to Americans is how it is that our patriotic, fair-minded and objective corporate-sponsored media members have been, you know, reporting on the grass mowing in Gaza. Take for example NBC foreign correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin.....who wrote a report detailing the slaughter of four Palestinian boys playing soccer on a Gaza beach.

Humane, objective reporting of the slaughter of four soccer-playing Gaza boys is not what NBC had in Mohyeldin was yanked from Gaza by NBC and replaced with Richard Engel. The move was said to be on account of, you know, "security." No word on what difference Engel's arrival would make to those security concerns.

NBC News' decision to pull Mohyeldin from Gaza has angered and baffled fellow journalists, inside and outside the network, as well as fans of his reporting worldwide. The network declined to comment on why he is no longer reporting from Gaza.

Further, our Judeo-Christian value-packed State Department, when questioned about the brutal slaughter of four Gaza boys by Israeli rockets, blamed the....grass.....

During Wednesday’s US State Department press briefing, a reporter asked, “How is an Israeli airstrike on what can only be described as a civilian target in full view of international journalists be [sic] acceptable to the US government?”

State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki replied that the loss of life in Gaza is “absolutely tragic,” but she blamed Hamas for the deaths, specifically citing Hamas’ rejection of a unilateral ceasefire proposal by Egypt and Israel, which Hamas was never consulted on.

“I would remind you that yesterday there was a ceasefire proposed that was abided to by the Israelis for a couple of hours that Hamas did not abide to,” said Psaki, adding, “they’re putting their own people at risk by continuing to escalate the situation on the ground.”

Translation: If Hamas would just agree to unilateral Israeli demands, then Israel will stop killing Palestinian women and children. If women and children in Gaza are being killed by Israeli killing machines, Hamas made Israel do the killing.

How convenient.

America and Israel.....two Judeo-Christian nations who pride themselves on their traditional moral values. They're not like other nations. Their values are superior to all other nations.

Why doesn't the rest of the world understand that?



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