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U.S. Freedom On Display On Wall Street

By The Reverend Published: September 29, 2011

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell has been doing some good work covering "Occupy Wall Street", now a 13 day peaceful protest, and counting, of those Wall Street few who control our political system.

Yep, 13 days.

You wouldn't know it though if you were watching or listening to Village media. For the first few days, there was absolutely no main media coverage. This is the same main media who covered...non-stop...the non-violent protesting of Egytians earlier this year. Only after a few New York police/terrorist deadenders started acting violently did corrupt corporate media begin airing the story of the current protest against Wall Street.

I haven't had much time for now....view this segment from O'Donnell's show this week and add your thoughts in the comment thread. O'Donnell speaks unusually candidly about police brutality...

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Peaceful, non-violent protesters are abused by a few policemen...of that there is no doubt.

But what I would like to hear your thoughts Is this the liberty, democracy and freedom so many conservatives talk about when they talk about America as a uniquely exceptional nation?

And...with this open display of police brutality over such a non-threatening, non-violent would a REAL American protest, like those seen in the 60's, be welcomed today by our authoritarian enforcers?

And....if peaceful protesting is no longer tolerated in the least non-conservative peaceful protesting....and Wall Street guys continue to control our democratic can America's government any longer be considered a government of, by and for the "people?"



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