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U.S. Ultimately Responsible For Ukrainian Violence

By The Reverend Published: July 20, 2014

Israeli scoreboard: 370 dead Palestinians, up to 70% of whom are civilians, 20% children......5 dead Israeli soldiers and 2 dead Israeli civilians.

Today I recommend a contrarian article pertaining to the Malaysian plane downing. It's worth a read.

None of the "players" can be trusted to tell the truth. And that includes U.S. players. Like President Obama.....

“For months we’ve supported a pathway to peace, and the Ukrainian government has reached out to all Ukrainians, put forward a peace plan and lived up to a cease-fire, despite repeated violations by the separatists, violations that took the lives of Ukrainian soldiers and personnel.”

That is not a truthful a long shot. Read why here and/or here.

Propaganda is tricky. But no matter how many propagandists it takes to deceive the U.S. population.....our nation's role in "regime change" in Ukraine is undeniable.

(Obama) was at his hypocritical worst when he asserted that “the United States is going to continue to lead efforts within the world community to de-escalate the situation, to stand up for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and to support the people of Ukraine as they courageously work to strengthen their democracy and make their own decisions about how they should move forward.” Why? Because, as everybody knows, representatives of the U.S. Government, like the obnoxious Victoria Nuland and the limelight hog John McCain, violated the sovereignty of Ukraine when they openly encouraged protesters in their clash with the democratically elected government led by President Viktor Yanukovych. They possessed neither shame nor class.

Regime change in and around energy-rich countries is our nation's foreign policy business....and business has been, um, booming. The United States spent $5 billion in tax dollars preparing the way for changing the democratically elected administration in Ukraine. That's how important democracy is to the U.S.....we'll eagerly spend $5 billion to gin up the overthrow of a democratically elected leader.

I know that Big Bad Vlad Putin has to be the bad guy in all of this because the same corporate media who told us over and over that Saddam had imminent-threat-to-America now telling us Vlad has caused all the problems inside Ukraine. So, it MUST be true.

But America is the world's supervisor and law enforcer....not Russia. And it is our job to make sure that populations of other countries elect the "right" leaders. American-led "regime change" is the corrective measure we administer when silly or foolish people vote for the wrong leader or leaders.

While we congratulated ourselves on all those heartwarming "purple fingers" pictures from Iraq a few years ago.....obvious evidence that American "freedom spreaders" had brought "Jeffersonian democracy" to that oil rich long was it before the choice of the Iraqi people, you know, needed removed? The same is true in Gaza. Democratic elections held there a few years ago chose the Hamas Party to represent them.....oops, wrong choice.....the U.S. and other allies refused to accept the result of that free and fair election. Why? Because free and fair elections in foreign countries are only free and fair if the "right" candidates are elected. Hey. someone has to be in charge.

So, read the linked articles.....and keep in mind.....the United States, partnering with the EU, have created the Ukrainian crisis via our foreign policy of regime change. The ultimate goal is the marginalization of Putin's Russia. Russia is very, very rich in fossil fuels.....and just like with regime change in Iraq.....those fossil fuels need liberated into the hands of the "right" people.

Only America can determine who the "right" people are to lead other countries. Again, that is how exceptional America is.



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