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Unity Over Division

By The Reverend Published: October 30, 2008

Last night Barack Obama's campaign spent close to $5 million for a 30 minute "infomercial" that aired on most networks. If you did not see should. Watch it here. The Reverend is as cynical as one gets.....but I must say....Barack Obama spoke truth with passion last night and it was emotionally moving, uplifting.

However, the focal point for me in Obama's long ad was the "choice" American voters have next Tuesday. Barack Obama closed out his long advertisement last night by encouraging voters to choose "hope over fear" and "unity over division." The choice before voters on Tuesday cannot be stated more clearly.

Back in January of this year I blogged this...

"Obama explains that telling the truth and avoiding the political tricks Hillary has been important. It's important because the progress Americans want, care, ending Iraq, economic equality, education, global warming.....cannot be accomplished by a divided government, half of whom don't trust or believe in what the other half is saying or doing.

Progress can only be made with a new American coalition of voters. Barack Obama is the only candidate on either side who can pull that off." Link

It looks like we are only a few days away from hearing the collective voice of that new coalition of voters. A coalition of former "red" states with "blue" states, a coalition of liberal, moderate and conservative voters, a coalition of black, brown, yellow, red and white Americans,.....a coalition yearning for "unity over division" for our great, yet troubled, nation.....a new coalition who have had enough and long for a new start.

Hillary, for all her great dedication, hard work and basic skills, could not have forged this type of new coalition. No other Democratic or Republican candidate on today's scene could have forged this new electorate. That's why Obama has referred to his running in this election cycle as "the fierce urgency of now." Indeed, we cannot, and will not, endure another president who divides us rather than uniting us.

The politics of division, of pitting whites against blacks, straights against gays, men against women, the uneducated against the educated, the religious against the non-religious, poor against rich....must end. It simply must. The politics of division that both sides have engaged in for so long must end. The politics of Lee Atwater and Karl Rove that seeks electoral advantage by pitting Americans against Americans in the most hateful of ways must be buried once and for all and never exhumed again.

We must truly return to a UNITED States of America.

That is the message of Barack Obama. That message has not changed one iota from when he first announced that he would run for president. He has been consistent throughout. And that consistency has resonated with Americans. The reason so many "Bush" states are polling in Obama's favor is because of his call for unity, hope and truth. The Illinois Senator has already demonstrated in the last 20 months that he can bring America together. Rather than simply mouthing the words, "I'm a uniter, not a divider", and then proceeding to drive political wedges between us after getting elected.....Obama has, remarkably, united Americans to believe and hope in their country's future again, even before taking the oath of office.

That's what true leaders do. Great leaders unite their constituents. Great leaders see and understand the larger issues of national concern and seek to unite the citizenry through honesty and hope as they actually confront those concerns instead of just talking about them.

I urge all voters to set aside their pet peeves over political and ideological matters next Tuesday. Lend your electoral voice to the cause of hope rather than fear, unity rather than division, so that our country can once again stand proud, once again lead the world with honor and dignity.

Vote for Barack Obama for President of the United States.



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