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Update On The Decider's Illegal Spying On Americans

By The Reverend Published: October 3, 2007


If there were the votes in the Congress for impeachment, repeated violations of the fourth amendment and FISA laws through eavesdropping on the communications of Americans without a warrant, would be the convicting charge.

Only four top officials at the Justice Department were given access to details about a warrantless surveillance program that Justice lawyers ultimately determined was partially illegal, a former department lawyer testified today.

Jack L. Goldsmith, former head of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, told the Senate Judiciary Committee that access to the surveillance program was so tightly controlled that even the attorney general did not know all the details.

Goldsmith also testified that the White House initially resisted allowing then-Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey to be briefed on the program at a time when the Justice Department was undertaking a legal review of the effort.

"There was a little bit of struggle getting Jim Comey read into the program," Goldsmith said, adding that the stated reason by the White House was the "importance of secrecy."

The testimony by Goldsmith provides further details about a fierce legal debate within the Bush administration in early 2004 about the surveillance program, which culminated in a threat by Goldsmith, Comey and other senior Justice Department and FBI officials to resign en masse if the program were allowed to continue without changes. Link

Two points.

First..."importance of secrecy". Why would it be necessary to keep this eavesdropping program secret? Did it have to be kept secret because the "terrorists" were just too stupid to figure out we were, like, eavesdropping on them? Or....did it have to be kept secret because it was illegal, and the White House knew it was illegal, in spite of the bullsh*t legal fig leaves Gonzo and John Yoo scribbled down?

Second....Bush started acting all renegade.... spying on Americans, immediately after September 2001. This went on unchecked, really, until it all came down to a mass resignation threat by Justice officials in 2004.

Why would you think these Justice Department officials threatened to resign over this program if it continued as is? Do you think Comey, Goldsmith, perhaps Mueller, and others threatened to resign because they just wanted to spend more time with, you know, their families? All just some huge coincidence? Or do you think they thought what Bush had been doing for 3 years was....what's the word....illegal?

Feloniously illegal. Impeachably illegal. High crime and misdemeanorly illegal.

So in all likelihood, from what Goldsmith said yesterday, piled on top of what Comey and others had said previously, the White House has been guilty of purposely and repeatedly breaking federal law AND trying to cover that up. Keep it secret.

Would all this be, at least, AS dangerous as ....say....lying about a blowjob in a civil suit that was later dismissed? Just askin'.



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