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Vatican Raises Peter Defense

By The Reverend Published: May 16, 2010

The Vatican says they're not guilty of anything that U.S. bishops did or did not do in covering up, or not covering up, for Roman Catholic priests in the U.S. who abused and raped young Roman Catholic Church altar boys.....

The Vatican on Monday will make its most detailed argument yet for why it is not liable for bishops who allowed priests to molest children in the U.S., in a motion that could affect other efforts to sue the Holy See in American courts, The Associated Press has learned.

In a motion to dismiss a lawsuit on jurisdictional grounds, the Holy See is expected to argue that a key Vatican document calling for secrecy in church trials for sex abuse cases was not, as victims' lawyers say, proof of a Vatican-orchestrated cover up. The Vatican's U.S. attorney, Jeffrey Lena, said Sunday there was no evidence the document was even known to the archdiocese in question — much less used.

In addition, the Holy See is expected to assert that bishops aren't Vatican employees because they aren't paid by Rome, don't act on Rome's behalf and aren't controlled day-to-day by the pope — factors courts use to determine whether employers are liable for the actions of their workers, Lena told the AP.

I call this the "Peter" defense because it reminds me of the biblical account of Peter, when asked if he was sure he wasn't one of the men seen regularly accompanying Jesus, the Nazarene preacher......Peter responded, "I don't know the man."

That's what the Vatican is saying about any U.S bishops who might be guilty of covering up for child rapists. Even though those U.S. bishops' jobs are to carry out the will of the Roman Catholic Church in the most minute detail.......the Vatican simply doesn't know them.....hey, they're not our "employees"....we don't pay them....and they're not acting, you know, "day-to-day", on "Rome's behalf."

I could say something about the cock crowing, but I won't.

It's times like these when atheists wished there really was an eternal fire of torment......because these Vatican officials, including the Pope, would be thrown into it.

The first step on your way back to god after sacrificing your standing in grace for behaving like devils, is to confess your sins. Admit that, yes, I/we have done wrong, I/we have sinned and fallen short of god's glory. True repentence cannot happen without confession. And without repentence there is no grace.

Apparently, the Vatican has nothing to confess and sees nothing that they have done, or not done, that they should repent of. In fact, the Vatican is now going so far as to distance themselves from having anything to do with U.S. Roman Catholic bishops. Don't know 'em.

You don't suppose the Holy Vicar is only trying to protect all that net-worth mammon that the bride of Christ has accumulated over the centuries, do you?



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