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By The Reverend Published: June 1, 2012

I've noticed kind of a theme being woven by those in the conservative media this general election year. It was a theme of the 2008 presidential campaign.....and it didn't work then. But conservative folks, bless their hearts, are just never wrong about's they are going back and replaying what didn't work in 2008 in the hopes that THIS TIME.....people will pay attention.

What am I babbling about? Vetting.

Maybe it was because the SnowBilly of Wasilla complained about it so much last time around. The "lamestream" media....wah-wah-wah.....simply refused to "vet" the Dark Knight. Sore losers from 2008 rallied around Caribou Barbie's claim that Obama palled around with terrorists and that Americans don't really know who Barack Hussein Obama one has "vetted" him properly and the "lamestream" media refuses to do so. And if it wasn't for lamestream's refusal to "vet" the Kenyan, he would have never been elected in the first place. On and on.....I know you've heard, or, possibly, spoken, something along these lines.

As I listen to and read, for example, malcontents from producing and promoting their own Republican ads for Romney......I hear the recycled engines of wingnuttery sputtering out...well....the same old sh*t they blared out in 2008. Heard Jeremiah Wright's name lately? Me too. How about Bill Ayers? Same deal. No one knows who Bill Ayers is nor cares, really, just like no one cared back in 2008....but see?, the "lamestream" media refused to cover Ayers and Wright back then. The "lamestream" refused to "vet" Barack Obama properly....and THAT'S why it must be done properly this time around....because we're never wrong and if voters didn't get it the first time, it's because the media refused to "vet" Obama properly....because, because....the media is liberal and the fix was in for Obama last time around and we can't let that happen again.

That explains why, lately, you have been hearing or seeing references to Obama's youthful coke and reefer consumption. Nothing new in any of it....Obama wrote about it years ago in his book. Never was a secret....and the subject was reviewed thoroughly by media during the 2008 campaign...but see, the Lamestream media kept that from voters. While the Lamestream was improperly vetting Obama last cycle, they conspired to shield the public from Obama's past drug use...and so THIS TIME, conservatives are making sure that Lamestream "liberal" media don't get away with improperly vetting the Hussein of America.

It's the same with Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, and whoever Bernadette Dohrn is. To conservative media members, these three acquaintances of Obama disqualify him from holding federal office.....and the only reason Obama wasn't disqualified because of Wright, lamestream media refused to "vet" our first foreign-born president. Even though Rev. Wright's loud preaching clips were played on a 24/7 loop during most of 2008.....Americans were left in the dark by lamestream, in-the-bag-for-Obama, media members who kept the "Truth" about Obama and Wright hidden.

And THIS TIME, if only B. Hussein Obama can be "vetted" properly.....THIS TIME, if Americans are not kept from the truth about the Indonesian-Kenyan guy sitting in the White House.....they will be able to make a correct evaluation of the "unknown" One....and they'll reject him, they will. We know we're right about this. Americans were simply hoodwinked last time around.

It wasn't that McCain was an old fogey candidate who flailed about like a goddamn nut during the 2008 campaign...suspending his campaign to do...what?.....yell at kids on his 8 lawns while mumbling "we are all Georgians, we are all Georgians", what?....I have no idea. And then picking the Snowbilly to be a heartbeat away from the nuclear launch codes. It wasn't because G.W. Bush left a god-awful taste in the American electorate's mouth about what GOP-rule looks like. No, no.....the reason McCain/Palin lost last time was because the lamestream media didn't vet the Muslim-named black guy.

If only voters would have SEEN who Obama really is...but alas, it was not to be....because liberal lamestream lovers of diversity coaxed the electorate towards voting for the Socialist....and how did the lamers do that? By not vetting Obama properly. By holding back valuable.....and extremely damning....information from voters so that voters would be in the dark about the Dark Knight, which is just where the lamestream wanted voters to be, don'tyaknow.

Conservative players always playact that they are the victims when they don't get their way. Guaranteed.

And in their new 2012 mockudrama they are doing it again. No..... lame, or same-old stream media didn't keep anything from voters last go around. Obama was "vetted" god was he vetted. However, vetting Obama was never the problem anyway for Republicans.

Instead, the reason why the GOP candidate for president lost last time.....and the reason the GOP candidate for president will lose this not because media is hiding or shielding something damaging about the Other. Instead, the GOP lost, and will lose again, because the GOP has bad candidates and no viable policies to offer a modern, enlightened American society. The GOP will lose because the GOP has decided to cocoon-up in their own self-marginalized, wingnut dreamscape and pretend that the American world they say they want to restore hasn't already passed them by.



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