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By The Reverend Published: June 4, 2009


Does the United States have any "settlements" that are, like, ongoing? Do our citizens use the word "settlements" to describe standard condo building? When U.S. real estate companies advertise their listings, do they print stuff like, "3 bedroom, 2 bath settlement, cheap"? Ever seen something like that?

Washinton Post writer David Ignatius' column is reprinted in the Beacon today. Demonstrating that he has earned his rightful place in the Village, Ignatius uses the word "settlements" twelve times, and the word, "settlers", twice, in a very short piece pooh-poohing that silly Obama for thinking he can stop the ongoing Israeli theft of Palestinian lands.

Words mean something. When you want words, like, stealing, or theft, to not be applied to what you are doing.....and you are familiar with the arts of simply make up a new word to describe what it is you are doing....and then repeat it a zillion times. In the case of radical Israeli's continuing to steal Arab and Palestinian land, the words 'theft', and 'stealing', have been replaced with the more acceptable-yet-meaningless words, "settlements" and "settlers".

You see, radical Jews who confiscate Palestinian land to then build houses for Jews to live in.....are "settlers" moving into their new "settlements." Sounds like "Little House on the Prairie" doesn't it? Visions of covered wagons moving west to stake their "settlement" come to mind. All Norman Rockwell-ish.

Smugly dissing President Obama, Villager Ignatius says...

"He has a rare gift for seeking the middle ground — on race, on national security, even on abortion. But it will be hard to stay in the middle on this one."

Those sentences highlight the way of the Village. First comes the assertion that Obama is a centrist middle-grounder. In just a tad over four months, Obama has declared an end to Gitmo, the Iraq occupation, torture,.....led the Congress to pass an $800 billion stimulus, a huge budget, the Lily Ledbetter Act.....blazed a middle eastern reconciliation trail.....but all of that to Village Dave is part of Obama's "rare gift for seeking the middle ground."

Ignatius is a living, writing example of what's wrong with our corporate media-led discourse. Consider the reasoning here....

Obama said this....

"He has demanded that Israel freeze these settlements, including a loophole for ''natural growth,'' as it's called. ''Settlements have to be stopped in order for us to move forward,'' he said last month at a joint news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Ignatius says this.....

"But it will be hard to stay in the middle on this one (settlements)."

Reread Obama's words. Do those words sound like Obama is holding the "middle" position on the illegal theft of Palestinian lands? Does, "have to be stopped" sound like some centrist, 'I don't care one way or the other' viewpoint on the topic?

When Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton, says this about Jews stealing Palestinian land.....

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Wednesday that the Obama administration wants a complete halt in the growth of Jewish settlements in Palestinian territory, with no exceptions.

President Obama "wants to see a stop to settlements -- not some settlements, not outposts, not natural-growth exceptions," Clinton said.

....does Villager Dave Ignatius believe that Hillary is reflecting on a "stay in the middle" position concerning Jewish theft of land that doesn't belong to Jews?

No, Ignatius doesn't believe his own bullsh*t.....he just wants his readers to believe in it. Ignatius is representative of the blighted mindset of those in D.C. who have no idea how the world works. To Ignatius, no American president has been able to stop Israel from stealing Palestinian lands,.....Obama is a non-committal, lukewarm centrist without special distinction who can't take any firm positions....and therefore, no matter what he tells the extremist Jewish prime minister, Netanyahu.....Obama won't stop Israel's ongoing theft of Palestinian lands.

Thanks's always fun to read about the incest-riddled thinking of the experts from Washington. The same thinking that led to unanimous Villager cheerleading for the historically-brilliant event of invading Iraq. Stay just as smart as you are....don't ever change.



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