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Village: 'Obama Responsible For BridgeGate'

By The Reverend Published: January 13, 2014

I should have known.

I admit that I didn't see it at first....most likely because my normal practice is to examine as much evidence as is available on an issue or topic from as many sources as I can find.....distill that evidence, set aside details that don't pass the smell test....and then form what I consider to be an informed opinion. Readers may, and do, disagree with my opinion....but I always considered that part of the expected warp and woof of political and democratic discourse.

Apparently, I've been doing it all wrong......and I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge my shortcomings.

See...I have been thinking that all the e-mail evidence and testimony surrounding Governor Chris Christie's "mistakes were made" non-scandal, BridgeGate scandal were but confirmations of what the silly "reality based" progressive blogosphere had been reporting all along about Christie's hair trigger temper, his bullying style and his thin-skinnedness. As I saw it....before being enlightened.....Chris Christie's employees and appointees carried out the bridge shut-down caper because such a caper was part and parcel of what was expected by their confrontational and bully-boy Leader.

Wow, was I off track. Imagine how surprised I was when I "learned" over the weekend that Christie's office employees plotted and carried out their possibly felonious, shutdown deeds because President Obama hasn't taken personal responsibility for....Benghazi, IRS and Obamacare. I seems like there's a disconnect there, but that's what I've "learned."

"Is this as bad as the IRS scandal that Barack Obama basically just sort of brushed off?" Scarborough asked Donny Deutsch. "I think if we are going to be critical of Chris Christie, we have to be critical of a culture in Washington D.C. where Barack Obama has allowed one scandal after another to break and then say, oh, I didn't know anything about it."

Joe Blow is not the Lone Ranger with his opinion here. Two of our nation's most praiseworthy patriots....Karl Rove and Rudolph Giuliani....chimed in yesterday in full agreement with the beady-eyed Scarborough.

So...I must re-evaluate my position regarding BridgeGate. You know, the opinions of high paid Village celebrities proven to be uncannily wrong about just about everything....requires no less.

Here's how it all must have gone down in Trenton. Christie's patriotic employees and appointees watched how Obama's people conducted scam after scam...and got away with them. No press coverage, no questions asked, no answers given. Ever hear  anything from corporate media about Benghazi or an IRS scandal? Of course not.

This brazenness coming out of the White House.....convinced Christie's office personnel to go rogue. Hey, if it's good enough for a sitting president, then why not a sitting governor who wants to be president?

Now here comes the tricky part. How could Christie's employees come up with a political caper that seemed as stupid and crazy as the IRS and Benghazi "scandals?" The caper had to be stupid and/or the "liberal" media would refuse to cover it, just like they refused to cover the IRS and Benghazi scandals. Brilliant, no?

Christie's people huddled and then came up with "time for some traffic problems in Ft.Lee." That qualified as not only stupid and petty...but also a little crazy as well. Just the ticket. If anyone complained, Christie's crew could just point to the crazy and stupid Obama "scandals" and explain how the president was responsible for setting the tone and establishing the culture which the Christie employees only sought to imitate.

When you think about it.....which I confess I must not have done all makes a lot of sense. The question that should be on every Villagers lips going forward, then, is: What did Obama know about the Ft. Lee lane closings, and when did he know it?



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