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Villagers Need Their Daddies

By The Reverend Published: May 28, 2010

NY Times...

But it remains an open question whether the measured tone that has become the soundtrack of Mr. Obama’s presidency – a detached, calm, observational pitch – served to drive the point home that he is sufficiently enraged by the fury in the Gulf Coast.

James Carville via CNN....

Carville told CNN Chief National Correspondent John King. "And this president needs to tell BP: I'm your daddy, I'm in charge. You're going to do what we say."

The Village Queen, NBC's Andrea Mitchell....

"...There was a lot of criticism- and we're not analogizing this to Katrina(wink, wink)- but there has been a lot of criticism in the past of decisions made on war and peace and on Katrina by the George W. Bush administration."

Mitchell gingerly added, "And many people praised Barack Obama's White House because it was so intellectual and so focused on problem solving and fact getting. But is there a lack of passion?"

Tweety-Bird Matthews.....

Matthews criticized the behavior of the Obama administration. Matthews wondered why President Obama doesn’t “nationalize that industry and get the job done”

Matthews has repeated his criticism of BP and the administration, telling Jay Leno on May 21 that President Obama is acting like “a Vatican observer here.” On May 19, Matthews asked for “Harry Truman to come back and do the job” — making reference to Truman’s seizure of the steel industry in 1952.

"You know, I have a suspicion — I will go back to it again — I don’t think they’re doing their best. I don‘t think there’s — the government is doing its best. Why doesn’t the president go in there and nationalize that industry and get the job done for the people? There’s a national interest in this, not just a BP interest."

Make no mistake, the BP oil spill is an unmitigated disaster.

And make no mistake, today's Village teevee and newspaper industry is an unmitigated disaster, as well.

First.....the 'lack of passion' from Obama bullsh*t.

During a crisis situation, what f*cking good does it do for those in leadership roles to act "sufficiently enraged?" Does acting "sufficiently enraged" help solve the problem? If so, how so?

During a crisis situation who do you want in the role of leadership? A leader who is "intellectual" and "focused on problem solving and fact getting" or an angry acting "daddy" figure who threatens and shouts and basically raises hell to "sufficiently" impress his audience about how mad he is?

Authoritarian weenies, like James Carville and Chrissy Matthews,.... just want their "daddies" to make them feel all better, you know, so they're not so scared of the monsters under their beds.

This edition of Village Theater reminds me of when Chrissy Matthews heart was all a-flutter at the sight of Commander Codpiece prancing around on the Mission Accomplished set in his Rent-a-Center, GI Joe costume. Chrissy was oh-so-impressed back then. W, you see, was acting like a real "daddy." W, you see, shot from the hip......wasn't so "intellectual", didn't just act "calm" and under control. Emotional George was gonna' git 'em...."Dead or Alive"...and that was enough to keep Matthews from wetting his pants.

Second.....What in the unholiness of hell should Obama have done after the BP disaster struck? Should he have gone down a mile under the Gulf to patch up the leak himself? What the hell good would it have done to "nationalize" the oil industry, whatever that would mean?

Read this from someone experienced with drilling.....

First, BP is not tackling this mess alone. The entire drilling industry is involved, including Exxon (who has a great record when it comes to offshore drilling, not oil shipping). It's not like only BP engineers are calling the shots, all sorts of experts are involved.

At BP's West Houston complex, there's a command center filled with personnel from around the industry working with BP engineers.

The writer goes on.....

On having Obama "do more," WTF is he supposed to do? Everybody seems to be calling for more fire in his belly and scary, threatening speeches. What does that accomplish? It's like people want him to do a dramatic speech like post-9/11 about bringing the criminals to justice. It does nothing to actually plug the damn well. The government does not have the expertise to do more to stop this gusher.

All those boring facts and details, I know, are simply no substitute for an "angry daddy" moment. Those "angry daddy" moments make Villagers "feel" better about disasters and crises. Why? I have no freakin' idea. But one thing is for sure.....Obama just hasn't acted "sufficiently enraged" to calm the Villagers loose bowels.



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