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Wag That Dog

By The Reverend Published: February 16, 2008



When I first saw the satellite-shoot-down story this week I knew it was a tail wagging the dog type story. There have been so many of these types of stories over the last 7 years..... they are no longer difficult to recognize. Fabrications to stroke the ego of the failed Commander Guy and his Commanderette a kind of disturbing, masturbatory way.

Every opportunity that presents itself to Junior is an opportunity that requires falsehoods to be told to the American people. He's a sick pup.

Briefly, here's the story....

The disabled satellite is expected to hit the Earth the first week of March. Officials said the Navy would likely shoot it down before then, using a special missile modified for the task. Link

Here's the reason given for shooting it down....

Military and administration officials said the satellite is carrying fuel called hydrazine that could injure or even kill people who are near it when it hits the ground.

That reason alone, they said, persuaded President Bush to order the shoot-down.

"That is the only thing that breaks it out, that is worthy of taking extraordinary measures," said Gen. James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, during a Pentagon briefing. Link

Here's how space security experts regard the proposal....

The Pentagon says it has to shoot down a malfunctioning spy satellite because of the threat of a toxic gas cloud. Space security experts are calling the rationale highly unlikely. "Having the US government spend millions of dollars to destroy a billion-dollar failure to save zero lives is comedic gold," one tells DANGER ROOM. Link

"comedic gold"

That's the Decider, alright.

Is there really a danger?

Even if the hydrazine were released, he(Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Chairman Gen James Cartwright) noted, the effects would likely be mild -- akin to chlorine gas poisoning, which can cause burning in the lungs, and elsewhere. The area affected would be "roughly the size of two football fields [where you might] incur something that would make you go to the doctor."

Has this ever happened before?

....several other hydrazine-filled object have come crashing down to Earth. Not only did the space shuttle Columbia have a similar tank, which survived re-entry, with no toxic gas cloud. Several other hydrazine-laced objects have also crashed into the atmosphere, with no ill effects. Space researcher Ed Kyle notes that there were 42 major reentry objects for 2007, including 9 satellites -- at least one of which contained a form of hydrazine,

People are skeptical about the justification given by Commander Codpiece....

"There has to be another reason behind this," said Michael Krepon, co-founder of the Henry L. Stimson Center, tells the Washington Post. "In the history of the space age, there has not been a single human being who has been harmed by man-made objects falling from space."

What other reason could there possibly be? Here's what a space security specialist thinks is the authentic reason for the satellite shoot down....

My first thought is that MDA [Missile Defense Agency] is always looking for ways to pimp their systems and provide further justification that they work. The upcoming change in Administration is almost guaranteed to result in missile defense losing the top-level advocacy that it has enjoyed for the last several years. Any additional missions and justifications that the missile defense community can provide would increase the likelihood of their systems (and budgetary power) surviving.

Why shoot down a failed satellite with an expensive counter measure if there's really no danger to, you know, earth's inhabitants? Answer: To help out the military-industrial complex welfare program.

Remember Junior telling all those phoney stories about how dangerous Saddam was? Remember those great moments? When Junior lied about Saddam and Iraq he was doing so for the benefit of.....take a guess......yep, the military industrial complex.

Junior likes to fib about money issues. He did so down in Texas when he owned (with other people's money, naturally) the Texas Rangers. He lied about the need for a new baseball stadium, he lied about who was paying for it and who would benefit. Then once it was built, Junior cashed in and Voila!....he became the governor of Texas.

So, no....there's no threat to anyone in this satellite story.....just as there was no threat to any Americans from Iraq or Saddam.

Junior and his Juniorettes make reality now. No, that reality doesn't, like, have to reflect empirical reality,......don't be silly....... but if we don't all believe it we'll, like, probably die.

UPDATE: Seems like Russia's Putin understands what the satellite shootdown is all about....

Russia said Saturday that U.S. military plans to shoot down a damaged spy satellite may be a veiled test of America's missile defense system.

The Pentagon failed to provide "enough arguments'' to back its plan to smash the satellite next week with a missile, Russia's Defense Ministry said in a statement.

"There is an impression that the United States is trying to use the accident with its satellite to test its national anti-missile defense system's capability to destroy other countries' satellites,'' the ministry said. Link



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