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Wagging That Dog

By The Reverend Published: September 10, 2010

Embarassment isn't a sufficient enough word anymore.....doesn't quite capture the powerlessness one feels as one watches a nation disintegrate into a state of ignorant confusion.

On 9-11, 19 extremist Muslims hijacked planes and crashed them into buildings killing almost 3000 U.S. citizens. We were told by the president at the time that those 19 attackers did the deed because of America's "freedoms." For some unexplained-at-the-time reason, those hijackers, and the leaders who sent them, "hated our freedoms."

In Osama Bin Laden's two fatwahs of 1996 and 1998, he lays out his justifications for conducting extremist acts against America and Americans. Hating U.S. freedoms is not one of the reasons given.

Instead, Bin Laden talks about America's first war with Iraq, the presence of U.S. military forces in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim lands, the devastating sanctions against the Iraqi people during the 90's, and America's unquestioning support of Israel while Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank are basically being held hostage.

Here is Bin Laden.....

First, for over seven years the United States has been occupying the lands of Islam in the holiest of places, the Arabian Peninsula, plundering its riches, dictating to its rulers, humiliating its people, terrorizing its neighbors, and turning its bases in the Peninsula into a spearhead through which to fight the neighboring Muslim peoples.

If some people have in the past argued about the fact of the occupation, all the people of the Peninsula have now acknowledged it. The best proof of this is the Americans' continuing aggression against the Iraqi people using the Peninsula as a staging post, even though all its rulers are against their territories being used to that end, but they are helpless.


....if the Americans' aims behind these wars are religious and economic, the aim is also to serve the Jews' petty state and divert attention from its occupation of Jerusalem and murder of Muslims there. The best proof of this is their eagerness to destroy Iraq, the strongest neighboring Arab state, and their endeavor to fragment all the states of the region such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Sudan into paper statelets and through their disunion and weakness to guarantee Israel's survival and the continuation of the brutal crusade occupation of the Peninsula.

Don't misunderstand. In posting Bin Laden's ramblings, I do not defend Bin Laden or anything he has done. Violence is never the answer, and, transparently, Bin Laden has a few religious screws missing.

At the same time, the United States population has never had clearly explained to them the answer to the question, "why do they hate us and want to kill us?"

Whether it's the blindness caused by a misguided understanding of 'American exceptionalism' country, right or wrong stuff.....or whether it's the ignorance of Americans so gullible to believe whatever even a failed and disgraced president utters......whatever the reason.....we're now 9 years into some ludicrously named "war on terror" and Americans are more confused and ignorant than ever.

My point here is that extremist Muslims have been riled up against the actions and non-actions of the U.S. for a good long time. It is only the Americans who refuse to be confronted with the reasons why guys like Bin Laden seek to retaliate.

When Abu Ghraib torture pictures surfaced, we were told that America couldn't see those pictures because our troops would be endangered if they became public. Obama flip-flopped on releasing the second batch of 'America torturing' pictures for just that reason. Our leaders, once again, were being actively dishonest about explaining "why they hate us."

What looked like an attempt to cover up war crimes was explained away as "endangering the troops." Ignorant Americans stayed clueless about "why they hate us."

Now the confusion and stupidity and political manipulation has gotten so out of hand, that we find Defense Secretary Gates calling some nothingburger down in Florida....telling him that if he burns Korans on Saturday.....he will....wait for it....."endanger the troops."

Do you know who has "endangered the troops?" Our leaders. By not educating the American people about "why they hate us", by pre-emptive wars of choice, by opening and keeping open Guantanomo, by continuing renditions, "interrogations" and assassination programs, by escalating the U.S. military occupation of Afghanistan, by the 50,000 occupational troops still in Iraq, by America's continued failure to address the Palestinian all of that plus more.....our leaders are "endangering our troops."

Yet, in our current state of ignorant confusion, we find Hillary, Gates, Obama, Petreaus and the usual-suspect Village assh*les all going ballistic over some no-name religious nut down in Florida. We're being told by all the Very Serious people that if a no-name religious nut burns a few Korans tomorrow, then, worldwide Muslims will be inflamed and then guess what? "Our troops will be endangered."

Extremist Muslims who want to kill Americans, like Bin Laden's minions, have been inflamed for a very, very long time. Extremist Muslims in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and elsewhere don't require any more evidence to be inflamed. Bin Laden made it clear over a decade ago.

9 years out and now it's Americans who are being inflamed to hate all Muslims for stated reasons that even morons could identify as crass political posturing. It's Americans who are ignorant and gullible about why 9-11 happened. It's Americans who are being told that they must give up their rights or our "troops will be endangered."

It's Americans who are becoming self-enslaved by their own ignorance.......and it's ugly to watch.

UGLY UPDATE: Pentagon plans to destroy 10,000 books.



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