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"Wake Up America"

By The Reverend Published: August 20, 2009

wake up america

Today, I read in the Community section of the Beacon what Geauga County Republican state senator Tim Grendell, speaking at yesterday's Cuyahoga Falls, Republican Party Tea Bagging protest event, said to a crowd of 7000 Tea Baggers....

"I was not born in a socialist country, and I will not die in a socialist country."

Unless Mr. Grendell is, like, over 65 years old, he was born into a country that had already incorporated many socialist programs into it's normal life before he was born. Barring a Tea Bagger Revolution (which could be quite an ugly sight when you think about it), Mr. Grendell will most likely pass on with those socialist programs, and several more, still firmly in place.

So, the question, I guess, I would have for Mr. Grendell is similar to the one Barney Frank asked recently, "What country were you born in?" The question I have for Geauga County voters is, "why would you elect such an ignorant person for your state representative?"

Recently, while driving in an adjacent township, I saw a couple of new handmade political signs. The signs were in someone's front yard but within the right of way of a state highway, which usually extends 60 feet from the center of the highway. The signs read "Wake up America. Socialism is at the door."

To which my immediate response was, "it's a state highway, socialism has always been 'at the door.'"

These two examples demonstrate the intellectual bankruptcy that the Tea Baggers and the Townhall Buster-Uppers bring to any "debate." I don't know if the Baggers and Busters are knowingly ignorant or obliviously ignorant....and frankly, I don't care. What I care about is the ignorance, itself.


The "Wake up America, Socialism is at the door" signs could be seen by thousands of people daily passing by on the Ohio state highway whose berm the signs were placed on. That highway was only made possible by socialized Ohio tax dollars. State taxes were gathered from Ohio citizens and pooled to create that state highway. State taxes continue to maintain that highway. Irony, I don't think, gets anymore unintended than that.

In short, without state socialism, that protest sign wouldn't have received much exposure. Socialism made it possible for this "wake up America" us about socialism.

The township the "Wake up America" signs were in has just completed two brand spanking new elementary school buildings. Those school buildings were made possible by socialized real estate taxes plus socialized county and state taxes. Public education has been a socialized enterprise from the get go....I mean, that's why it's called "public" education.

In the case of Mr. Republican State Senator, Tim Grendell.....the guy who says he wasn't "born in a socialist country" and insists that he won't die in one either......he's simply lying, he knows better.

I have some information for the Tea Bagging Grendell. The United States has enjoyed many successful socialized programs and projects and we've had those successful and popular programs for many, many years. Do you think Mr. Tea Bagger From Geauga County isn't familiar with the Post Office, Social Security, Medicare, national defense, national and state parks, interstate and state highways, public education, local fire and emergency protection, PBS, NPR, public transportation, FEMA, NASA......? Of course, Mr Bagger is aware of all those socialized programs.

Why, then, would Mr. Grendell say ignorant stuff like "I wasn't born in a socialized country and I'm not going to die in one?"

There's only one answer to his obvious lying to those Fellow Baggers gathered for their Tea Party in Cuyahoga Falls yesterday........political gain. Obviously ignorant Republican voters want to believe the lies GOP politicos continually spout. Conservatives detest the Democratic Party's policies, the policies needed in a modern world......diversity, the rights of minorities, gays, women, the freedom of legal abortion, stem cell research, health care reform, etc., etc. Because of this entrenched ideological hatred of all things Democratic, Republican voters don't care whether what their leaders are telling them is true or not, or makes any sense whatsoever.....they just know that if Democrats are for it, they're against it with extreme prejudice.

The practice of Republicans openly and blatantly lying has risen to epidemic proportions over the last 20 years or so. What it has produced over those years is a constituency immune to truth.



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