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Want Fries With That War?

By The Reverend Published: July 22, 2007

The Reverend has known for 6 years that George Bush's White House puts politics first. In fact, many critics go so far as to say that this executive branch has nothing but politics to offer....there is no policy other than politics. That seems about right.

All the while the president was steadily sliding in the polls over the last few years, his spokespeople would always say the president just needed to get his "message" heard. Get it out there. That "message" consisted of sloganeering like "stay the course", "victory", "stand-up stand-down", "fightin' them there so....", "surge" and many other similar and trite slogans of meaninglessness.

Jeffrey Feldman has an article here telling about a $400,000 study done by the Rand Corporation for the Pentagon. Feldman writes.....

As more Americans called for an end to the U.S. occupation, the Pentagon secretly ordered a report on ways to extend it long long into the future with the help of "Madison Avenue" marketing techniques--the same techniques used to sell breakfast cereal and hardware products to the American public.

Looks like the Pentagon boys needed to sell that "message" of Bush's a bit harder. Perhaps Americans were just being stubborn and needed a bit of pop culture advertising, you know, to convince them to reconsider Bush's ongoing illegal war of aggression and subsequent occupation in a country that never posed a threat to America. Yeah, that might do the trick. And $400K later just look at what they received for our money.....

Since before World War II, the U.S. military has developed a brand identity based on a force of might. Like all good consumer brands, it was incredibly focused and clear. It served the strategic purpose, like consumer brands do, of imprinting a clear identity on the minds of its intended target, the nation’s adversaries. It similarly served as a guiding light for training and corporate behavior and as a reassurance for a second audience, the U.S. public.

See....all the White House and Pentagon needed was a repolishing of the "brand identity". That's it. Then Americans would surely look kindly on a conflict that was entered into through the fraudulent gaming of pre-cleared "stovepiped" intelligence and then deceptively interpreted to us as a threat from Iraq deserving of an invasion.

Support for the conflict fading? problem....simply re-invent the "message" of the conflict. Here's more from the Rand report....

Like consumer products positioned and branded for a day gone by, so too is the U.S. military brand identity now—at least in part—out of date. A new and more effective U.S. military brand identity is critical to the success of stability operations for several reasons.

There's just no reason these poll numbers are so low. It's not because over 3600 soldiers are dead, 25,000 are wounded and we're approaching a cost of one half of a trillion dollars all for no apparent,'s because the Pentagon military brand identity is "out of date".

When the neo-conservative planners told us Bush would be the first CEO president, they weren't kidding, huh?

'Thank you for your previous shopping with us and for being a loyal customer of our lies, now, would you like to Supersize that War Meal?'



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