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War Is Politics By Other Means

By The Reverend Published: August 9, 2014

Senator Grampy Carpertbomb (R-AZ) has spent a long time parading around the Senate floor advocating for war. Any war. McCain is an odd fellow. Captured during America's long crime against the Vietnamese and held as a POW, one would think that Johnny Mac would, over time, not be so hellbent on starting more wars. But McCain's history has proven otherwise.

The Arizona senator's first answer is always giving war a chance. Perhaps it's because the war McCain participated in became understood as a U.S. loss.....that explains the elderly senator's desire to bomb almost anyone at the drop of a hat.

Whatever the reason, McCain has become a national embarrassment.....not only during his cheerleading for the Bush Wars and his "we are all Georgians now" silliness, but in his shoot-first mentality during the Obama presidency as well.

Here is McCain's response to Obama's announcement of renewed airstrikes in northern Iraq....

"It's almost worse than nothing...the weakest possible response....almost nothing."

McCain, himself, doesn't favor putting U.S. troops back on the ground inside what is it that he wants Obama to do? The same thing McCain wanted the U.S. president to do during Vietnam. DROP MORE & BIGGER BOMBS.

Let fellow neo-con Bill Kristol, PNAC founder, explain....

"If you're going to get in, get in big and get in decisively now. If you go in don't have the effect you want to have on ISIS."

Sounds like "Shock & Awe, the Sequel", no? Because, I guess, shock and awe worked so well in 2003.

As pressing domestic issues of tragic income inequality, immigration, voting rights, pay-to-play-pollitics, etc....remain unaddressed by an obstructionistic band of conservative is becoming increasingly clear that the only bipartisanship left to be had is.....warmongering.

Because talking tough about dropping bombs on.....someone, is viewed by our rotted corporate media members as a substitute for it any wonder why rotted media rushes so often to stick a microphone in front of people like McCain? War talk is exciting. The thought of blowing shite up.....somewhere compromised media something triumphalistic to write about. Hey, even if we can't govern ourselves....we can still flaunt our military superiority by blowing a whole bunch of other people's stuff up. USA.

I've written about this problem before. The oligarchs of America have successfully stopped the federal government from doing the will of the people on domestic issues. After setting new records during the last two congressional sessions for least legislative work accomplished....ever......the current Congress is on track to set a new, even lower, record.

That only leaves war. The only bipartisanship to be found left in D.C. is bipartisanship over our military. We euphemistically call this bipartisanship "keeping the peace" or "spreading freedom, liberty and democracy"...and even sometimes "humanitarian efforts".....but in reality, what it bipartisan killing, slaughtering and blowing other people's stuff up.

Our elected officials will not pass popular and much needed legislation like an increased minimum wage or comprehensive immigration reform.....but what we can pass are resolutions in support of Israeli genocide of Palestinians.....and a brand new $17 billion dollar infusion into the Veterans Administration.

That is where bipartisanship is found today.....and it is the only place it is found.

What's important to take away from today's post is this: Limiting bipartisanship to only 'things that have to do with the military'.....means that despite a majority progressive population, minority conservatism always will get their way.

Conservatism holds that the only power the federal government should really exercise is law enforcement. On all other matters, conservatism would have the "free market" reign supreme over all of us. In this view, except for militarism, the federal government should just "get out of the way" of our patriotic oligarch owners.

Of course, what our military actually does around the world is for the purpose of securing and expanding lucrative foreign markets for those same oligarchs to exploit. Sure, we're told that it is all to keep us "safe".....but that dog won't fact that dog died long ago.

Permanent war is a conservative wet dream come true. A fantasy made real. With "war fatigue", as it did during the early 70's, setting in around the Homeland, it is the job of conservative warmongers like McCain and Kristol to counter that fatigue with renewed and exciting calls for more, and more destructive, war.

Permanent war makes it possible to argue that our nation cannot "afford" new domestic spending. Permanent war makes it possible for conservatives to argue against solving immigration problems.....'it's too risky to allow potential terrorists into the Homeland." Permanent war, ostensibly, trumps all other pressing issues.....just as movement conservatives had hoped.

And permanent war makes it possible for "both sides do it" corporate media to have something really exciting to write and talk about.

But permanent war, far from keeping us safe, only creates more, and more dangerous, enemies.....just as "terrorism" experts have told us. To conservative warmongers intent on stifling any progressive policy advancements, creating more enemies in a permanent war is a feature, not a bug.

It is said that politics is war by other means. What we're witnessing is the perverse opposite. War is politics by other means....and sadly, these last 15 or so years.....war is the only policy both sides agree on.



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