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Warring Against The War On Poverty

By The Reverend Published: March 5, 2014

It seems that Six Pack Abs aka GOP Rep Paul Ryan (R-WI) has introduced yet another "reform plan."

This time Ryan is announcing a GOP war on America's War on Poverty. Which, when you give it some thought, makes a lot of sense. You see, poor Americans have been able to scratch out an existence here in America with the help of all those non-Republican, anti-poverty programs passed into law when everyone who voted for the Democrats who initiated those programs were dirty communist hippies.

But what those anti-poverty programs have done, according to conservative smart guys, is make the poor, lazy and dependent.....hammock dwellers who simply will not take responsibility for their own lives. Parasites. Here you must understand that a starving man, a hungry man, will only become a lazy man if someone gives him some food. Of course, if no one fuels that hungry man's unwillingness to work by giving him food, then the hungry man will become...a dead man who no longer is a drag on further tax cuts for wealthier Americans. See, how this all makes sense?

Paul Ryan's political stunt, check that, 204 page "report" on the War on Poverty, is a great piece Now, Jared Bernstein explains here how Paul Ryan "put his thumb on the scale" by cherry picking data and forcing the data to fit the biases of supply siders in his "report"....but most likely that is because Jared Bernstein is simply envious of Ryan's six pack abs. Or something similar.

Ryan's "report" comes in advance of the GOP budget, which Ryan will also write, and which will no doubt be a Serious proposal....after all, Ryan is....and I'm not making this up.....a "policy wonk." Boy howdy, is he. Ryan is one smart Republican guy who knows his arithmetic. And his logic, I might add, is flawless. Like here....

“Medicaid coverage has little effect on patients’ health,” the report says, adding that it imposes an “implicit tax on beneficiaries,” “crowds out private insurance” and “increases the likelihood of receiving welfare benefits.”

Did you realize that going to the doctor, when necessary, or to a hospital emergency room when necessary...."has little effect on patients' health"? I never knew that. I think Ryan is on to something here. If what Ryan says about Medicaid recipients is true....and he's the "policy wonk", so why would he just make stuff up?.....then I think I see a way to solve all economic problems in America.

I mean, if Medicaid coverage has "little effect on patients' health", then let's get rid of the program. Right? Same with Medicare. And while we're at it.....Americans should listen to what Serious Republicans are telling us....and just stop seeking medical care and health care insurance in total. Why? Because having health insurance, going regularly to the doctor, using emergency services when necessary.....doesn't help...."has little effect on patients' health." Just imagine when all those bothersome national health care expenditures are reduced to zero.....just imagine the tax cut that wealthy Americans can demand then, huh?

Furthermore, those poor Medicaid recipients who are wasting their time with Medicaid, and a whole lot of the 1%'s money, are hurting the profit-seeking opportunities for boot-strapping, for-profit health care see, Medicaid...

“crowds out private insurance” and “increases the likelihood of receiving welfare benefits.”

Why are all the poor sick people, and Dumbocrats, in America waging such a war on health insurers? That's the important question. By being poor and wasting their time, and health, still insisting on seeing a doctor when they're, you know, "feeling" sick....those poor, sick people are hurting the "private insurance" industry. And anything that harms the private market harms "growth." And tell me....what could possibly be more important than "growth?"

That's right, nothing. And certainly not poor, sick Americans.

Finally.....“increases the likelihood of receiving welfare benefits.” Seriously folks...that is Mensa gold. If you happen to be a poor person who cannot afford health coverage, then....I'm guessing here.....the likelihood that you would qualify for other help-the-poor government programs seems like it would be higher than, say, a billionaires. Why would that be the case? Because government programs meant to help the poor in America are....well....meant to help the poor.

But you see, that's the problem right there. Ryan's report isn't about finding ways to actually help the poor.

Just like with Paul Ryan's wonky budget efforts to cut Medicare benefits by privatizing the program.....(stupid seniors still insisting on seeing a doctor when they get sick, like they have a bad habit of doing)....Ryan's 204 page report has only one the WAPO writer states....

...questioning the efficacy of dozens of initiatives and underscoring where Republicans say consolidation or spending reductions are needed.

Ryan and his Republicans' war on the War on Poverty (Marco Rubio playacts being an officer in that war here) is about.....surprise....cutting government spending. Of course, cutting government spending isn't just about encouraging poor-sick people to stop wasting their time seeing a doctor.....god forbid, Republicans are not monsters or anything. Many Republicans actually know a few poor people.

Cutting government spending, even if it means shorter lives for poor, sick people, clears the way for the Republican gold ring.

Another round of tax cuts primarily benefiting the richest Americans.

I told you Paul Ryan was smart.



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