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We Are So Screwed

By The Reverend Published: August 16, 2009

On June 15th, The Reverend wrote this...

"As I have blogged previously, I firmly believe that any health care reform coming out of Washington, inevitably, will exclude a public option and, most likely, will tax employer-provided health care benefits as well. Love to be wrong about that."

Two months and a hundred swastikas later....

Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND)...

"The fact of the matter is there are not the votes in the United States Senate for a public option. There never have been, so to continue to chase that rabbit, I think, is just a wasted effort." said Conrad.

Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius....

"I think what's important is choice and competition and I'm convinced at the end of the day, the plan will have both of those. But [a public option] is not the essential element," said Sebelius

In other words, if you liked that donut hole gimmick from Medicare Plan D which costs seniors thousands of unnecessary're going to love the financial ass-kicking coming your way in the soon-to-be-passed, minority orchestrated, health care reform bill.

I try my best to be optimistic about the United States and it's future prospects.....but alas, it is to no avail. No matter how cynical I matter how much hyperbole I's never enough to match the reality of a nation hopelessly enslaved to a small group of filthy rich corporate controllers and their media and political puppets.


We watched a bubble inflate and deflate into the pockets of hedge funds. We watched criminal banksters gamble away America's near term economic life while those same hedge funds deflated another artificially induced bubble and put what was left into their pockets. We watched a totally corrupt non-regulated commodities "market" steal hundreds of billions of dollars from Americans and stuff all of it into the pockets of a tiny minority of sharks and con-artists with $4 per gallon gasoline. All of that within the last 10 years and absolutely nothing has changed to prevent all three of those financial catastrophes from happening again.

And now we're going to witness a further takeover of the government and America's resources by yet another tiny pocket of filthy rich insurance and pharma crooks with a health care reform plan that is anything but. The irony here is that lying propagandists have scared Americans by falsely arguing that the government would take over the health care industry if a public option passed, while the reality is that the health insurance industry will have sucessfully taken over the government without including a public option.

What will come out of a Congress that is unsalvagably corrupt, what will come out of a Congress that is sloppy drunk on the bribes from big corporations, will not only make health care in America worse and more expensive.....but it will also help to usher in a return of the treasonous GOP political party to power.

What Americans will be told is that the vile legislation Congress will pass and Obama will sign.....will reform health care nationally. Nothing could be further from the truth. At the very best, all that is going to be passed is some weak health insurance reform. Weak for average Americans hoping for lower costs and more accessible coverage, and yet extremely strong for a corrupt, gangland-style health insurance industry who will be guaranteed upwards of 50 million new customers.

Without a public option to keep private insurance crooks from perennially raising it's coverage costs to consumers, we will all be subjected to economic enslavement, to the whims of CEO's who will continue to benefit by denying treatment while continually raising prices. And I don't even want to hear any pussified talk about some non-existent co-op exchange instead of a true public option.

So, basically, we're screwed. As ever-increasing health care costs continue to take what's left of America's economy and hand it over to a handful of the country's richest people (as we witnessed in the crime, $4 gasoline theft, and bankster caper)....Democrats will be blamed for all of it. Hey, they were in charge when health care "reform" was passed.

Despite what Big Dog Bill Clinton says about the country moving more and more towards the progressive side......what will actually happen is that spineless, "bipartisanship"-seeking, corporately-compromised, Democrats will take the blame for the abject failure of health care.....and that will pave the way for a return to power of the openly-criminal political party, the Republicans.

I want to personally thank the equally corrupt appendage of the Republican Party, corporate-whore media, for appropriately scaring enough of the American people with their exceptional coverage of every crazy wingnut m'f'er they could possibly locate and grant 24/7 looped video to.

A job well done.



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