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We Just Can't Tell You How Offended We Are

By The Reverend Published: February 27, 2008

You know how the mainstream teevee media, on a daily basis, brazenly uses pictures and mindless, insignificant stories about Paris, Lindsey, Brittney and the like? The very serious, moral values loving, teevee media members remind Americans nightly about how bad-and-immoral-and-loose-and-irresponsible these young and attractive women are.

All of those media folks who bleat out the daily slut stories on a 24/7 loop are oh-so-offended by the antics of these hell-bound ladies. The media members disapproving smirks and so-serious, head wagging communicates to viewers how much today's tart -of-the-day story upsets them. These righteous and good reporters are simply shocked, every day and night. And so every day and every night these same offended and righteous reporters must show Americans even more sexy, alluring pictures of those who are so immoral and irresponsible.

The very same practice by the very same reporters has now become the daily MO in what's called "reporting" on Barack Obama.

Yesterday, I suppose because of the debate, it was a banner day for this very responsible and serious form of journalism.

Matt Drudge put up a picture the other day of Obama from a couple years back where Barack is seen dressed in a turban and other traditional African garb. The displaying of the picture was not meant to flatter Obama but rather, to place a seed of doubt in viewer's minds. Hey, maybe Obama is Muslim. That was Drudge's purpose. Many politicians have adorned themselves with the fashions of the country that they have visited. This is nothing new,.....or even interesting. Obama's visiting another country was not Drudge's calculated purpose for putting the photo up. Grasping for ANYTHING that might suggest Muslim connections.....that was Drudge's, and the mainstream media's, intent.

This of course, like pictures of Brittney getting in or out of her car, is not newsworthy. However, newsworthiness has nothing to do with the modern media, and therefore that picture was shown dozens of times by all the main media players.

The fact that Drudge put the picture up......that's the news story to the MSM. To a substantial number of journalists and reporters Matt Drudge IS the news. Even though he has proven to be nothing but a right-wing super-hack, main media still acts beholden. NBC hacks went as far as to display the picture again last night during the debate.

The most vile example recently of this deceitful yet wilfull practice was the main media's handling of the radio wingnut, Bill Cunningham, and the video of him talking yesterday. From the stage, prior to John McCain speaking in Cincinnati, the fact-free, extremist, right wing radio talk show host railed in typical neo-nut buffonish style, totally bogus accusations and smears against Barack Obama .

Chris Matthews, CNN and even PBS indulged in the nauseating replay of this total extremist nut's video clip yesterday. As these wise and serious media networks played segments of Cunningham's rancid rant on stage, the anchors or moderators all wagged their heads and scrunched their foreheads up, shocked, just shocked, that this wingnut could say the things he said. I'm surprised no one fainted dead away.

All the time they were shaking their head in Pharisaic disagreement, they were giving their many viewers the great opportunity to hear, over and over, this radio wingnut's "message" against Obama. Matthews of MSNBC could barely hold back his glee as he spun the tape again and again. Chrissy couldn't contain that stupid sissy grin of his. It kept reappearing everytime he asked a stooge guest, "what do you make of this."

All this is no different from asking a question repeatedly about Brittney's practice of going out without underwear while continually looping a video clip of Brittney getting out of a car.

This is how the establishment media intends to cover the general election campaign.

Smear agents with evidence-free hitjob stories against Obama will make "news" daily. The very serious reporters will cover these "awful" stories because they simply have's their job as professional journalists. John McCain and the Republican Party honchos will denounce these "stories" and act all offended, right along with the Knee Padders who are asking the very serious questions about the nonsense. That's what happened yesterday. McCain "apologized" and said it wouldn't happen again. Everyone was very solemn and serious. The video replication by media continued.

The mainstream media's rotted and putrid modern-day practice was on display yesterday for all to see. Replaying endlessly a video containing the vicious, substance-free attacks of a wild-eyed wingnut radio host. Replaying it endlessly because the same media is just so shocked at the attack that they just had to show Americans, over and over, how shocked they were.

It all makes me want to puke, but that's just how it is today in serious and wise medialand. Nauseating.

Expect non-stop production of similar steaming piles of sewage from these repellant media creatures. And, yes, I am holding back from saying how I really feel about these people.



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