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We're Going To Hurt Some People

By The Reverend Published: July 28, 2011

It was a Friday night in the fall of 1965. There was a high school dance that night but football players were prohibited from attending because we had a game the next day. The coach didn't want anyone distracted over, you know, girlfriends. He wanted everyone focused and rested. So he made us attend a football players only night in the locker room that Friday evening while the dance was going on.

The coach periodically rah-rahed us with brief testosterone-driven, hard hitting macho-speech. And then we listened to Red Foxx records. First time I had ever heard a Red Foxx record. Tame by today's standards.

The whole "can't attend the dance" thing was ridiculous...silly...but it happened.

Maybe you've seen the reports of the House GOP rah-rah session held Tuesday. Young PopGun, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) decided to get all the other GOP Popguns in the House....frenzied up in preparation to take on those evil Democratic enemies who want to lift the debt ceiling (the horrors). So Rear PopGunner McCarthy calculated that playing a quick hitting piece from Ben Affleck's movie, The Town....would be the way to get his Still Not Ready For Primetime Players riled up.

In the clip McCarthy chose, Ben Affleck's criminal character is saying to one of his criminal buddies....

“I need your help. I can’t tell you what it is. You can never ask me about it later. And we’re going to hurt some people.”

His friend replies “Whose car are we going to take?” In the movie, the characters then put on hockey masks and bludgeon two men with sticks, then shoot one man in the leg.

Now, I liked the movie, The Town. Good movie....rough, but good.

The question for us today is: Who is it that the House Republicans want to hurt? Obviously, some folks are going to get hurt under the Tea Clan Plan to purposely collapse the American economy....but who are the specific Americans Republicans in the House want to "bludgeon with sticks", economically speaking?

We know that Republicans do not want to hurt those making over $250,000 per year. That we know. Every effort set forward by the neo-confederacy in the House has been for the purpose of shielding the top 2% of wealthy Americans from sharing in any sacrifice-to-come. In fact, the Ryan Plan and a variety of mini-Tea Clan Plans, cut programs and benefits for our nation's poor, elderly and vulnerable...IN ORDER to then "broaden the tax base and lower tax rates".

Translation: The House GOP would "broaden the tax base" by eliminating mortgage interest deductions, hurting working and middle class families the most. While eliminating the few deductions working families and middle class families benefit from now, the Tea Clan Plan is to...then....lower income tax rates for everyone. Translation: Americans' richest will benefit the most.

So, the people who are going to get hurt by the frenzied up, determined to "win", House Republicans are average and middle class Americans. Those who won't get hurt when the Tea Clan picks up their legislative bludgeoning clubs...are the rich few. Apparently, the wealthy few in America have been bludgeoned enough already by the lowest federal tax rates in 60 House Republicans have excused them from any "sharing" of the "sacrifice." The rest of us? Well....sacrifice will be good for our, you know, lazy-ass souls.

When asking the question, "Who Would Jesus Bludgeon?", it's best to keep an open mind. Many well-meaning Christians have always thought that Jesus stood on the side of the downtrodden, the poor, the sick, and the outcasts. Not so....according to today's protectors of all morality....the "party of life"....the GOP.

According to the "we're on the side of life", Tea Clan...the people "we're" going to hurt are just regular folks. Most are older, poorer, sicker...some are children....many are women. They will be made to "sacrifice"'s only fair, we're told....that these weak, poor and vulnerable Americans should "share" in the "sacrifice". The "sacrifice" which none of the rich are being made to participate in. To Tea Clanners, that's what "shared sacrifice" looks like. All the different poor and vulnerable demographic groups in America get to "share in the sacrifice" the nation needs to make in order to lower already historically low tax rates on the richest 2%.

That's what, "we're going to hurt some people", amounts to in the House Republican Tea Clan Plan. "Cut, cap and balance" simply means that the lesser classes must make sacrifices for the blessing of having the rich with us. After all, the rich are the only ones who have created zillions of jobs when we most needed them, right? Be honest....who could put a sacrifical pricetag on such a national blessing like that?

Because our wealthy overlords have protected our national economic fortunes so well, by reinvesting in America and not looking to cheaper-ass foreign labor markets for higher shareholder value....they should NOT have to sacrifice anymore than they already are. But the non-rich? They deserve a good bludgeoning with clubs for not working hard enough to bring tax rates down quicker for the rich.

And that's why the Tea Republicans are so frenzied up with excitement.

They're about to hurt some people....none of whom are rich....and the only point at issue is who is going to drive the car to the scene of the bludgeoning.

Morality like rare.



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