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We're Not The Only Wicked Ones

By The Reverend Published: July 17, 2007

Today's statement by the Catholic Church reminds me of Senator and Mrs. Vitter's "apology" yesterday after the Senator from Louisiana was outed for his patronage of call girls and prostitutes. With the Senator and wife the "apology" included blaming the media. That's always a convenient way for "traditional values" politicians to attempt to change the subject away from their actual "sins".

Here's how the Catholic Church is responding to their $660 million settlement announced yesterday for child abuse by it's priests over the last 60 years:

Sexual abuse of children is not just a Catholic Church problem and other institutions should take steps to acknowledge and deal with such "wickedness" within their own ranks, the Vatican said on Tuesday.

I'm sure other Christian denominations appreciate the Vatican's admonishment to them to avoid "wickedness" in their own ranks. You know, the Vatican is very, very concerned about protecting children now.

Somehow though it all just rings....I don't know.....disingenuous, I guess. Why? Perhaps it is because the Vatican is still harboring a known facilitator of these child abuse cases. From a May, 2004 article....

Pope John Paul II yesterday appointed Cardinal Bernard F. Law to a ceremonial job overseeing one of the four major basilicas of Rome, granting the former archbishop of Boston a prestigious appointment just two days after the Archdiocese of Boston announced that it was closing 65 parishes.

The appointment, which will indefinitely provide Law with a job and an apartment at the heart of Rome, infuriated critics who blame Law for the clergy sexual abuse scandal and believe that the ensuing crisis in the church led to the need for the sweeping parish closings announced this week.


The Vatican telling others they should avoid "wickedness" when it comes to child abuse sounds like a punch line from the Colbert Report...but there it is.



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