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By The Reverend Published: May 14, 2014

The owner of the L.A. Clippers, Donald Sterling, is a very, very rich guy. If Mr. Sterling happened to be some average earner, no one would care about anything he had to say in public, let alone in the privacy of his own home.

But I find myself more in agreement with what Bill Maher said recently in his contrarian take on this spring's IT story....

”Now, last week when President Obama was asked about the Sterling episode he said, ‘When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, just let them talk,'” Maher began. “But Sterling didn't advertise, he was bugged. And while he might not be worth defending, the Fourth Amendment is.”

“That's the one that says we have the right to be secure in our person, in our homes, in our property,” the comedian continued. “Well, not if bitching to your girlfriend in your home loses you your property.”

Maher makes a good point. And the point will become more and more obvious as our digital-explosion continues to expand. Drones will soon be criss-crossing overhead, sending video of every square mile of U.S. territory to spymasters staring at screens. Private ownership of drones, I predict, will be unavoidable. Just think of how much fun that will all be.

The government is already collecting all U.S. electronic communications and storing those communications in billion dollar complexes in Utah and elsewhere. U.S. citizens might as well wave goodbye to any so-called right to privacy. Technology and terror have rendered the right to privacy too dangerous for a "free" people.

Make no mistake here.....from the free wheeling interviews I've watched, Sterling is a piggish man whose only attractive quality is But on the question of whether a person can have stuff he says in the privacy of his own home recorded unknowingly and then used against him......I agree with Maher.

My problem with the Sterling "news" that it isn't a "news" story. Rich guys are often pigs. That ain't news. For example: Donald Trump has made acting like a pig a second career.

So, no....I have little interest in Mr. Sterling, or what he had to say, or what he might say in the future.

Former Florida GOP Rep. Allen West doesn't care to hear about what Donald Sterling thinks about anything either. But for different reasons....

“ I listen to the sound-bite montage that you played — where is the outrage of the public? The outrage of the public seems to be totally focused on Mr. Sterling but, you know, you’ve got this thing with Benghazi and we have an even bigger lie, an even bigger deceit, which is even more impactful on the country that no one is really caring about.”

Fox winger Laura Ingraham feels the same way about the media coverage of the kidnapped Nigerian girls.....

“I think part of the problem here is that we have a dead American ambassador, but we have no one in custody– not to get back to Benghazi.”

“And now people are saying ‘well, what are you going to do about these young girls? You gotta do something.’ Believe me, our hearts break for all this horrific violence against religious minorities, Christians, Catholic priests…but what do we do at this point? I mean, we sent a message to the world that said ‘you can kill a U.S. ambassador and, looks like, get away with it.’”

Those hellbent on destroying Obama and Hillary are continually upset now when ANY other story other than the right wing's conspiracy theories about Benghazi....are the front page news stories.

In fact, daily news stories, I think, have very little relevance in themselves any longer.....except for how those news stories can be used to push one's own political agenda. I'm afraid that is what happens when traditional journalism refuses to perform it's 4th column role in society. He said-she said journalism has replaced factual reporting......reporters no longer see it as their role to explain to the public who is lying and who is telling the truth....and news producers must please their rich sponsors by not embarrassing them with inconvenient stories.

More important than any of the above-mentioned how the U.S. needs to do something to alter the course of our nation's inequality gap. Nothing is more important to average Americans than their own personal financial situations. But to corporate media owners and the vile propagandists at Fox......the tragic and ongoing story of our nation's egregious income inequality must be avoided at almost all costs.

Instead, the Very Serious who own or work for corporate media outlets give Americans the news stories THEY want audiences to hear. That means Very Serious and lengthy discussions about what a rich, piggish, NBA-team owner said while being secretly recorded in his own home. That means an entire corporate news network attempting to detour every....and I mean story into the right-wing cul-de-sac named Benghazi.

Stenography, propaganda, political posturing, conspiracy theory spinning, corporate overlord pleasing......that's today's 4th estate. If you want truth today....truth that properly informs about what's important to average Americans.....and I'm being as serious as a heart attack're on your own.



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