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What $1.4 Million A Day Buys

By The Reverend Published: July 28, 2009

We have learned that the health industry lobbyists are spending $1.4 million per day persuading Congress to do what they want and not what the American people want.

We also know that the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America has "doubled its spending to nearly $7 million in the first quarter", to fight against the needs of the American people and for a continuation of their high profits.

So the latest from the Senate Finance Committee comes as no surprise.....

They said any legislation that emerges from the talks is expected to provide for a non-profit cooperative to sell insurance in competition with private industry, rather than giving the federal government a role in the marketplace.

This, either....

PhRMA, which represents drug companies, has purchased more than $500,000 worth of television ads to air during the week in nine states.

I'm sure you've seen one or more commercials on teevee sponsored by either Big Pharma or Big Health Insurance advocating for reform. Imagine.....Big Pharma and Big Health Insurance are FOR health care reform. As long as Big Pharma and Big Health Insurance can write the bill to favor themselves, I guess, these mighty Capitalist Jihadists are all for reform.

At least in the Senate Finance Committee, that's who is writing the bill.

Howard Dean, (who will host Countdown on MSNBC tonight and tomorrow night), was a guest on the Rachel Maddow show last night. Dean reminded viewers that 72% of Americans want a public option plan....not a co-op be included in the final reform bill.

Finance Committee Senators, apparently, could give a sh*t what the American people want. $1.4 million per day is much more important to Senators than what the American people want and need.

A co-operative plan option for health insurance is the mechanism the industry giants desire because it will be toothless in bringing health insurance costs down. Bribed Senators will be able to point to the co-op plan and disingenuously tell the American people they've done something to keep insurance prices in check. Big insurance will be guaranteed millions of new customers without having to sacrifice any profit margins. All good. As long as you are not a regular American citizen.

Many Americans still believe that our most dangerous enemies are found in the caves and middle eastern hellholes where radical Islamics dwell. While dangerous, al-Qaeda and Co. pale as a national threat when compared to Big Capitalism. Al Qaeda isn't bribing elected American officials to do their dirty work against American citizens. Big Capitalism is.

When America's enemies within Big Capitalism, those who fight against the essential needs of American citizens in order to protect their profits, can turn a legislative battle into nothing but another windfall for themselves....we should all be very concerned.

If the health reform bill doesn't include a public option, if it doesn't include discount bulk pharmaceutical purchasing rights for the federal government....then the only reason to pass for the sake of Big Health Care, to help them make even more profits.

If this sellout happens, and there is no reason to think it won't, the result will be worse that the 9-11 disaster, as far as scale.....because millions of Americans will be affected negatively.

To bribed Senators, that's all okay, because they're being bipartisan.....and that's, somehow, all that matters.



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