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What About A Secret Pre-Schooler Selling Program?

By The Reverend Published: October 19, 2007


Jay Rockefeller(Wimpass D-Sen-WV) is not much of a Democratic Senator....unless of course your concept of a Democratic Senator is one who goes along with the opposition party when it's in the majority OR the minority.

The Senate Intelligence Committee voted Thursday to strengthen court oversight of government surveillance while protecting telecommunications companies from civil lawsuits for tapping Americans' phones and computers without court approval.

Rockefeller, who reviewed some secret White House documents on the terrorist surveillance program this week, said nothing he has seen so far makes him believe the program was illegal.

Rockefeller doesn't see anything wrong with the White House's illegal wiretapping of Americans and the telcos complicity in those crimes....despite the fact that a federal judge has ruled the program unConstitutional and conservative and liberal civil liberties scholars everywhere agree what Bush is doing violates FISA and the 4th Amendment.

Wimpass Jay Rockefeller doesn't see any wrongdoing....leading to this fellow Democrat's question....

"If this program is so legal why does there have to be this special legal protection?" said Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore.

To which The Reverend adds...freaking duh.

Here's what the Senate bill passed out of committee(13-2) would do.....

The Senate bill would direct civil courts to dismiss lawsuits against telecommunications companies if the attorney general certifies that the company rendered assistance between Sept. 11, 2001, and Jan. 17, 2007, in response to a written request authorized by the president, to help detect or prevent an attack on the United States.

If this passes....then I have another bill for these wimpasses. I ever.

Let's say the president sends a signed letter to day care centers all across the country demanding that day care administrators gather up all the children under their care and bus them to the nearest airport where they will be flown to Thailand by NSA and CIA officials and sold as sex slaves to an underground Islamic pedophile group.

The president sends the letter in an act of pre-emptive emergency, but he can't tell anyone why he's doing it or go into any details because that would help our enemies.... somehow. It would endanger "national security", so he has to keep it all a secret. He could tell people but then, he would have to kill them.

The NY Times finds out about the story but decides to sit on it for a year.

Now, this hypothetical presidential action would, obviously, violate many American laws and statutes....not to mention the barbarity, but the president assures all of us that the selling-of-our-children program is necessary because "everything has changed" since 9-11 and we can no longer take any chances. And then there's the terrorist "chatter". It's increased recently.

No evidence is given by the president about how the child selling program (CSP) will make us safer, but as the Commander in Chief in a time of war (The Long War), he tells us he has the obligation to defend our nation anyway he sees fit and can't be challenged on this program.

Now, imagine parents becoming...umm...distraught when their children come up missing. Not hard to imagine. They get together quickly and demand answers. They call attorneys who file emergency suits in the hopes of getting the children back. They franticly contact their representatives and senators.

The story is leaked to the media. Chris Matthews introduces the story to his cable teevee audience this way, "The Commander in Chief is enlisting American pre-schoolers in his war on terror. Some American parents think he's gone too far. Others say nothing can be taken off the table in such an urgent time of war(The Long War)...Let's play Hardball.."

Jay Rockefeller looks at the letter the president sent to the daycare people, (in secret session naturally), and he concludes that the day care centers didn't do anything illegal in obeying the president's orders to kidnap and subsequently sell American pre-schoolers. Rockefeller says the day care centers were simply obeying presidential orders in a time of war (The Long War) and votes in committee to grant full amnesty to any and all day care facilities who participated in the CSP (Child Selling Program).

Farfetched? Ridiculous?

If a rogue president can order the violation of existing American law, as he has clearly done in his illegal wiretapping of Americans, which law or laws could he NOT violate?

If a rogue president can demand amnesty for companies who conspired with him to violate law and the Constitution....what is it that he COULDN'T grant amnesty for?

Jay Rockefeller (Wimpass-WV) can't seem to find anything...and he's from....ummm....the opposition party.



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