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What About Those Bush Tax Cuts?

By The Reverend Published: January 12, 2008

In the Thursday night FOX confab with the GOP nominees for president, Chris Wallace actually asked a question The Reverend would have asked.

"Do you believe tax cuts pay for themselves or add to the deficit?"

I'm relatively sure Wallace doesn't read this blog where I often have set forth my views on this very topic. Nevertheless, it was a brave and rare question from a FOX "News" person. Credit where credit is due.

It's the answers.....that's where the "shucking and jiving" came in to play.....

According to this morning's news, John McCain has taken the lead in Florida polling. Florida is the state in which Rudy had placed much of his hopes. The freakish ex-New York City Mayor was said to have a "big state" plan and Florida was going to be Giuliani's first win, according to him and his campaign. Chris Matthews of MSNBC's Hardball has been touting Giuliani and his "big state" plan for quite awile. Chris Matthews, of course, has a mancrush on Mr. Mayor in the same way he once had a mancrush on the Codpiece.

My video clip demonstrates clearly that Rudy Giuliani is simply a classic "faith based" candidate when it comes to economics. Despite the clear enunciation of the "tax cuts don't pay for themselves" reality by Chris Wallace.....Rudy ignores those facts altogether and states, "it depends which tax is cut." No, Rudy, it doesn't.

It's not surprising, really, to watch Giuliani ignore Wallace's clear and factual point, disagree with it, and then go on in an attempt at bamboozlement. This is Giuliani's M.O.

McCain's answer is different. He doesn't answer Wallace's question at all. Maybe that's why he's called, "Mr Straight Talk", I can't be sure. He knows he can't answer Wallace's question without basically repudiating one of the main tenets of Republicanism. So McCain says instead, "I believe tax cuts stimulate the economy."
The question was, "do you believe tax cuts pay for themselves or add to the deficit?"

The correct answer, because tax cuts do NOT pay for themselves, is...."they add to the deficit"....but McCain cannot allow his "straight talking" mouth to form those words. Why? Because he wants to make Junior Bush's tax cuts "permanent". Of course, if Junior Bush's tax cuts are made permanent....the deficit will baloon, causing even further economic malaise.

So McCain sidesteps Chris Wallace's question altogether.

John McCain, whom I believe will be the GOP's nominee, blathers on about "reducing spending" as being the answer to any American economic problem. What he means when he says that, is that America should reduce any and all domestic spending, the kind of spending that actually helps Americans, but NEVER reduce militaristic spending...the kind of spending, for example, that it will take to keep us in Iraq "100 years", McCain's words. Militaristic spending under McCain would go up.

In spite of the fact that America spends more money on defense capabilities than all the other nations of the world COMBINED....John McCain would INCREASE that type of spending while at the same time adding to the deficit by making Junior Bush's tax cuts, mainly advantaging the wealthiest, permanent. This type of thinking is what has worked out before our very eyes the last 7 years, much to our chagrin.

Pre-emptive wars of choice, staying in Iraq "100 years", making Junior Bush's tax cuts permanent and increasing defense spending causing more ballooning of the deficit, and cutting domestic spending for Americans.

Something else we had become accustomed to hearing from the Junior Bush group is what McCain is actually calling for....I'm sure you remember....."Stay The Course".

A vote for McCain is a vote for Staying the Bush/Cheney Course in America. Now,....that's some "straight talk".



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