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What Americans Want

By The Reverend Published: March 4, 2011

I heard conservative hack Susan Molinari the other day claiming that the voters spoke last November.....and what those voters said was that big government and big deficits simply had to be stopped.

Republican hacks lie.....and so it comes as no surprise that exit polling from the a wide margin....demonstrated that what voters were primarily concerned about was our horrendous jobs situation and the sluggish economy that high unemployment has created.

As I've reviewed here many times....cutting government spending while unemployment is at 9% will only make the unemployment situation and the sluggish economy which comes with high unemployment....worse. To Tea Party authoritarian-daddy types,... those who insist "tough love" is what's now required,....the response to the cutting-spending-now-will-make-unemployment-worse fact is...."so be it."

The new Young Republican Duds controlling the U.S. House are hellbent to cut $8 billion of federal spending PER MONTH as they ratchet up their 2nd hostage crisis in less than 3 months. As reported here recently....experts have estimated that cutting that much from federal spending while unemployment is so high will result in the loss of 700,000 more jobs and a reduction of the GDP by a range of 1/2% to 2%. I have suggested that, perhaps, those kinds of results are what Republicans are looking for leading into the 2012 presidential campaign. Hurt economy, hurt Obama.

With yesterday's release of a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.....Republicans may want to rethink their nihilistic plans. Polls are, at best, snapshots in time as we travel the highway of political life, but in today's daily information whirlwinds....polls have proven to be reliably accurate. The last two election cycles, for example, were predicted almost perfectly by pre-election day polling.

If the new NBC/WSJ poll is anywhere near accurate....then Republicans are, once again, on the wrong side of America's voters when it comes to government spending and taxes. NBC/WSJ found that 68% of Americans polled thought it was totally acceptable or mostly acceptable to end tax cuts on those earning $250K per year and above. 71% thought it was totally acceptable or mostly acceptable to slap a surtax on federal income taxes for millionaires and better. 74% polled favored ending tax credits for oil and gas conglomerates. 76% were against cutting Medicare, 67% were against cutting Medicaid. 77% found it unacceptable to cut Social Security.

Either authoritarian daddies like Scott Walker, John Kasich and the Young Duds leading the U.S House are completely out of touch with the voters or the voters are simply petulant little know-nothing children whining for their handout blankies.

My take. The Republican Party is loyal to our richest Americans. The richest Americans want...well...more riches. In an economic crisis time like now, there is an existential threat to America's richest that they may have to pay more in taxes.....which is the opposite of what they want to do. Hence, a midterm election in which voters were overwhelmingly concerned about job creation and a sluggish economy has been interpreted to mean that Republicans should take a chainsaw to government spending, which will, of course, exacerbate the unemployment problem. But it's what America's richest want....and so just like in the Grand Compromise Ransom Event of December....EVERYTHING, even shutting down government and threatening the solvency of the U.S. Treasury is, as they say, "on the table."

That's not what the American people want.....just as the American people do not want Napoleonic governors taking away state union workers collective bargaining rights....but then, who cares what the American people want?



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