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What Class Warfare Is Not

By The Reverend Published: April 19, 2012

Now that we know what "class warfare" is.....asking 22,000 millionaires to pay a higher tax rate on their millions than their employees do on their thousands....let's examine what "class warfare" is not.

House Republicans are looking to cut food stamp allowances for 46 million Americans.....3 million more cut off the food stamp rolls entirely. That is NOT targeting a specific demographic group of Americans for economic punishment....and not to be criticized as being an act of "class warfare."

Furthermore, the $34 billion saved by cutting food stamp allowances is well worth doing, and is not simply a pittance compared with the meager $50 billion in new revenue that would be raised in the Buffett Bill.

Republicans are sober-minded and are very, very concerned about debt and deficits.....but what they are NOT, is class warriors targeting one demographic group over another for economic punishment.

That would be "class warfare."



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