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What Class Warfare Looks Like

By The Reverend Published: October 24, 2011

David Adkins over at Digby's Hullabaloo....

Progressives must come to terms with the fact that the 35% or so of Americans who make up the conservative base have been radicalized far beyond the point of no return. They are activist class warriors on behalf of the top 1% of "producers."

That has often been my complaint. Even though most of America's conservative base is not in the top 1% economically.....those conservative base members advocate for, and defend the right of, the top 1% to never have to pay one additional dollar in taxes to the federal government...ever.

Take a look at this income distribution chart from Wikipedia....

Base conservatives look at that chart, recognize that the top 5% income "earners" have pulled away from all the rest of working Americans when it comes to income distribution.....and explain that the widening in income disparity is because the top 5% work longer and harder. I've had conservative base members tell me that the top 5% are the only genuine producers and that anyone who simply works as an employee is but a "taker", a leech, a parasite, excess baggage, dead weight....a non-producer.

Then take a look at how wealth is being distributed in the U.S.....

The top 20% in America hold over 80% of America's wealth. Again, conservatives tell me that the top wealth holders deserve their wealth, have worked harder than any hourly employee for their wealth and if hourly employees don't have any accumulated wealth, or can't find a job, they should simply blame themselves.

Though every conservative will deny it, that's class warfare talk. Making billionaires pay 3 1/2% more in income taxes is not class warfare....but resisting any change to a financial system which rewards the rich for being rich and punishes the non-rich for not being class warfare.

David Atkins again...

We are now a nation hopelessly divided. On one side is a large faction of people who understand that the financial classes and the super-wealthy are mostly a parasitic class; that the middle class has much more in common with the poor than it does with the wealthy; that workers produce wealth, and that demand produces prosperity; that poor communities are disadvantaged not by the inherent failings of their people but by the oppressive nature of their circumstances; and that we humans and creatures of this earth are all in the same boat together.

That paragraph may cause smoke to come out of hardened conservative-types ears.....but it's fundamentally true. I particularly appreciate the "workers produce wealth" and "demand produces prosperity" parts. The wealth of the Wal-Mart family members, for example, is now being produced by Chinese workers willing to work for $2 per day. Wal-Mart family members aren't producing that wealth, poor Chinese workers are. The prosperity of a nation's people doesn't come about because rich people invest their money. Investment, of course, is part of the formula, but as we've seen in our New Depression, without consumer demand, national prosperity doesn't happen.

Yes, we ARE hopelessly divided by conservative class warfare warriors, as witnessed in the almost unanimous response from conservatives to the Occupy Wall Street protest. Wall Street represents everything that is economically wrong in the two charts above, and yet, from the TEAs to the usual-suspect Republican the smug, condescension and dismissal of OWS by wealthy teevee and media "stars".....all have united in their distaste for protesters who dare protest the source of economic injustices in our country.

But it gets uglier....

On the other side is a large group of people who believe that over half of Americans are parasitic dead weight who should not be allowed to vote; that the interests of the middle class are aligned with the interests of hedge fund managers; that only a select few very wealthy people produce society's goods; that poor communities are poor through their own moral failings; and that the society's "producers" should behave however they please to people and creatures unfortunate enough to find themselves at their mercy.

As we witnessed in the battles in Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio earlier this year.....conservative class warfare warriors and commanders made their first attack against our neighbors. Teachers, firefighters, police, road crew workers and others were singled out by conservative dividers. Many class warfare participants called teachers, "babysitters"....called union police and EMT's, coddled takers whose remuneration packages had become bloated because of evil, commie, "union bosses" and "union thugs." Busting up the unions to hurt their Democratic enemies became the only solution. That's what class warfare looks like.

The point of David Atkins blog post was that we are in an ongoing battle in the United States. We ARE divided....and hopelessly so....for crying out loud, there is no longer any agreement on ANYTHING, even if it happened yesterday in front of thousands of witnesses.

The wealthy few, bolstered by TEA stooges and ahistorical-thinking Know Nothings, are using the New Depression to wage further warfare against the have-nots.

The 99% must fight back.

In Ohio that means sending SB5 back to the class warfare dump where Governor Kasich and his Klass Warfare Klowns dug it up.



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