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What Explains The Poll Numbers?

By The Reverend Published: October 6, 2008

These poll numbers.....

10/5: Gallup Pres-Tracker: Obama 50%, McCain 43%

10/5: Hotline/Diageo Pres-Tracker: Obama 48%, McCain 41%

10/5: Rasmussen Pres-Tracker: Obama 51%, McCain 44%

10/5: Res. 2000 Pres-Tracker: Obama 52%, McCain 40%

10/5: Columbus Dispatch OH: Obama 49%, McCain 42%

10/5: Mason-Dixon CO: Obama 44%, McCain 44%

10/5: Star Tribune MN: Obama 55%, McCain 37%

10/4: Rasmussen ME: Obama 51%, McCain 46%

10/3: Rasmussen NV: Obama 51%, McCain 47%

10/3: Elon NC: Obama 44%, McCain 42%

An 18% lead for Obama in Minnesota where Al Franken(D) also leads the incumbant, Senator Norm Coleman(R).

A slim lead for Obama in NORTH CAROLINA where Senator Liddy Dole(R) also trails her Democratic opponent Kay Hagan(D).

A 7% lead for Obama in OHIO.

A virtual tie in Colorado.

Following the Republican National Convention, a convention complete with Palin-mania, McCain led in national polls by 2%. What has happened since then that might explain today's 7% Obama lead?

Maybe it was the sequestering of the GOP's vice-presidential candidate. Not allowing Sarah Palin to answer questions from the media....except in isolated and controlled instances....maybe that hasn't gone over well with voters. Maybe that raises suspicions that Palin is not qualified for the job and is being kept away from questions for fear of embarassment.

Maybe it was the string of lies repeated for 10 days or so by McCain-Palin after the RNC. Maybe those lies were too numerous and too overt. Maybe Americans weren't gullible enough to swallow so many lies all at one time.

Maybe it was McCain's surly and offensive performance in his first debate with Barack Obama. Maybe Americans are no longer fond of seeing a petty, insecure, quick-to-anger, smart-ass as their president.

Or, perhaps it was the Mighty Mouse McCain routine swooping in to D.C. something......about a financial crisis. Maybe McCain's obvious campaign "suspension" phoniness and continued exploitation of a potentially serious situation was just a bit too much to swallow for America's voters.

Maybe it's the ususal suspect, wingnut fallout over Sarah Palin that now explains the poll numbers. Kathleen Parker, George Will and several other arch-conservatives wrote columns stating that Palin, without doubt, is not qualified to be vice-president.

Maybe it was the "hockey mom, Joe Sixpack, may I call you Joe," winking and wacky Sarah Palin performance in her "debate" with Joe Biden. A debate that the Knee Padders in the media saw as favoring Palin, even though you know, Americans saw it differently.

Or just maybe.....McCain-Palin have nothing concrete to offer American voters. Maybe simply repeating the words "we're mavericks" or "we're reformers" isn't good enough this time. Perhaps McCain is attempting the impossible.....running on the same old GOP boilerplate of cutting taxes and waging wars, while the current GOP president is setting new all time lows in approval ratings because of his tax cutting and war waging ways.

OR JUST's poll numbers are reflective of a superior campaign by a superior candidate, Barack Obama. Obama has stayed consistent throughout the last 18 months.....approaching issues thoughtfully, keeping slime politics out of his campaign, giving Americans renewed hope in our country in light of the disastrous Bush-Cheney regime. Americans want our military out of Iraq....they want health coverage for all....they want fairness in wages and jobs....they want solutions to energy and education. Obama offers solutions, not slogans, to all these problems. Obama offers calm and controlled leadership where his opponent offers nothing but gimmicks, stunts and, quite frankly, frenetic nonsense.

Today's poll numbers demonstrate that Americans are not as ignorant and foolish as Karl Rove and John McCain think they are. Maybe that's all there is to it.



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