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What George W. Bush, On Acid, Would Sound Like

By The Reverend Published: August 29, 2007


Speaking in front of the annual convention of the American Legion in Reno, Nevada, Commander Guy spoke like a president who had just dropped a tab of acid. Bizarre, it was. Full transcript here

Commander Guy: "On September the 11th, 2001, we learned that there's another region of the world that directly threatens the security of the American people...and that is the Middle East."

The Reverend Guy: On 9-11, we learned that 19 hijackers, 15 from Saudi Arabia, none from Iraq, were able to compromise ALL of our national security checks and measures with uncanny success, and commit acts of terrorism. On 9-11 we did not learn that the Middle East region was threatening the U.S. We learned that Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda extremists, already known to be dangerous, having hit the Twin Towers previously in 1993, could carry out a rather large conspiracy inside America without our preventing it.

Commander Guy:"We toppled two regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq that gave harbor to terrorists, defied the international community, and threatened the security of our nation."

The Reverend Guy: Iraq had nothing to do with radical Islamic terrorists. Iraq never gave "harbor" to sectarian radicals. Iraq, just before we invaded, was not defying the "international community". Saddam did not restrict nor eject U.N Inspectors in the run-up to Bush's act of aggression. Iraq posed absolutely no threat to the United States, as the post invasion inspection has clearly demonstrated. Iraq was not even a serious threat to it's neighbors in 2003, having been decimated by sanctions and the no-fly zone bombings by our Air Force flyovers.

Commander Guy:"We seek to dry up the stream of recruits for al Qaeda and other extremists by helping nations offer their people a path to a more hopeful future."

The Reverend Guy:The Iraq invasion and occupation has led to a recruitment bonanza for Osama's Al-Qaeda. By destroying the only barrier to tribal, ethnic and religious chaos, Saddam Hussein's thuggish regime, by setting up permanent U.S. military bases inside Iraq, the U.S. has CREATED the very breeding grounds necessary for Islamic extremism to flourish.

Commander Guy:"Our strategy is this: We will fight them over there so we do not have to face them in the United States of America."

The Reverend Guy:Huh? Bush's strategy has been a series of slogans for the home crowd and a series of stupendously carried out blunders over there. None of which prevents any Muslim radicals from coming to the U.S. Particularly Iraqi radicals who didn't exist before Commander Guy's illegal war of choice began.

Commander Guy:"Together our coalition has achieved great things in Iraq."

The Reverend Guy: Setting aside the use of the word "coalition" for now....Iraq has never been in such bad shape. Estimates of 3-5 million of Iraq's people have either been displaced within the country or become refugees outside of Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are either dead or wounded. Electricity, clean water, and other vital basic services have not improved during the occupation, despite the billions upon billions of dollars poured in. The "purple finger" government the U.S. props up does not represent the Iraqi people. Iraqi people do not look to the new government for much of anything because it doesn't do anything for Iraqis.

Whatever the "great things" are Bush referred to, they aren't visible or detectable. Very similar to all those dangerous WMD's we heard so much about a few years back.

Commander Guy:"The momentum is now on our side. The surge is seizing the initiative from the enemy... and handing it to the Iraqi people."

The Reverend Guy: American troop deaths for June, July, August 2007 are the highest since the invasion began. Just recently 500 northern Iraqis were killed in one day of bombings and 1500 were wounded. American "leaders" are calling for the ouster of Iraq's prime minister.

Commander Guy:"Senator Joe Lieberman puts it this way: "While it is true there is no pure 'military' solution to the violence in Iraq, it is worth remembering that neither is there any pure 'political' solution."

The Reverend Guy:Once again, huh? What in the hell are Independent neo-conservatives and 30% approval Decider Guy neo-conservatives talking about? Jesus, when are these extremist nuts going to put down the highly addictive "let's kill Muslims" crack pipe?

According to these rejects, now there's no military solution and there's no political solution in Iraq either. Which would lead The Reverend Guy to suggest that Lieberman and Bush and all the rest of the maniacal neo-cons have no idea what the f**k they're talking about. And they never have.



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