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What Jane Harmon Said On Olbermann's Show

By The Reverend Published: September 26, 2007


On August 2nd I wrote this....

Summarizing: Bush has violated the 4th amendment to the Constitution and FISA laws, impeachable offenses, by illegally spying on Americans without benefit of oversight. Now because of Gonzales, Comey and Mueller's testimony recently Bush knows he's in trouble. Solution: Stir the frightening waters of terror warnings and alerts in order to push Congress into letting him off the hook with expansionistic executive spying powers.

Senate Minority Whip Trent Lott (R-Miss.) ominously advised Thursday that Congress needed to pass changes to terrorist surveillance laws before leaving for the August recess and warned that otherwise "the disaster could be on our doorstep."

I'm speculating now but it's, at the very least, informed speculation.

How better to try to get those White House behinds out of that wringer then resort to default mode? Terror. Be afraid. Be extremely afraid. Talk of a terror "spectacular", terrorist "dry runs" and "gut feelings" about impending attacks are all meant to put Americans and Congress in the proper mood to accept this

fascist bullshit
new presidential empowerment regulations. Link

Last night on Keith Olbermann, Jane Harmon (D-CA) said this about what happened just before the FISA re-write ....

I was told by a member of Congress that there was a specific piece of intelligence about a threat to the capitol. I found it. It took some work to find it. It's classified, so I'm not going to tell you specifically what it said. But on the face of the document it said that the intelligence community did not deem the source to be reliable.

And that piece of intelligence, somehow without the disclaimer, I believe, was surging around the House floor. A lot of members believed it, were worried about it. Thought if we adjourned without in some way closing this gap on surveillance, so-called gap on surveillance, we might be putting the country at risk in August. I think that fueled a lot of the effort to vote for something. That something they voted for, and I voted against, was the wrong thing.


FISA is not broken. What's broken is the view of executive power that some hold in the administration. They claim it trumps all laws and our Constitution. And I can't believe that anyone around here would be so short-sighted as to buy that, given the fact that they're likely to be a different president in the White House in 14 months and she may not be somebody that they would hope would be there. Link

Hey Jane....maybe they're not planning on giving up the White House.



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