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By The Reverend Published: December 24, 2009

Last Christmas The Reverend wrote....

Life can thrive without religion….but there would be no life at all without the sun. Perspective required.

And so it is with the December holidays. No, we don't need to celebrate the 'rebirth' of the sun…or the birth of a mythological son….each December, for our lives to be filled with joy, love and hope……however, there can be no joy, love or hope, at all, in our lives, without our personal 'suns'…..our families and loved ones.

I can't really improve on those words. They seem just as appropriate this year as they seemed last year.

I discuss political events, etc., each and every day. Yes, I'm kind of a junkie when it comes to this stuff. But make no mistake, our daily lives, though affected by political decisions, are not determined by those decisions.

Each one of us go about our daily lives....taking care of family and friends, working to provide for family, dealing with the good, bad and ugly which each new day brings.....and we don't rely on political decisions by our elected officials to do what we do.

In all of this we are not so different.....we are more alike than distinctively different. Whether Democrats or Republicans are in the majority, whether a Democrat sits in the White House or a Republican....our daily, often mundane, lives continue, basically unaffected.

I perform in the blogospere of political combat because of ego, pride, and some unexplainable believe that I know more than others do about big picture stuff. In other words, political blogging is my own selfish endeavor.....a way to express my innate cockiness.

Christmas, however, is not supposed to be about selfishness, self-centeredness. Christmas is supposed to be about...."our personal 'suns'…..our families and loved ones."

So, this year, when your friends and family members gather together to celebrate the holidays......leave politics and political disagreements out of it. It's not easy to do...I know....but it's the least we can do.

Why is it the least we can do?

Because that dying aunt or grandma, that foreclosed-upon nephew, that sister who lost her job, that new college graduate, that food stamp recipient.....are not first and foremost, hard and cold political policies become flesh.....but human beings who need love, respect, hope and acceptance.

It doesn't matter whether you think President Obama is a socialist enemy of America. It doesn't matter whether I believe Dick Cheney is the worst American traitor ever. In the larger picture, it really doesn't matter.

What matters is how we treat one another. What matters this Christmas is our willingness to regard each and every loved one and family member, regardless of their circumstances or personalities, as deserving of our acceptance, love and respect.

From The Reverend's World everyone....Happy Holidays, Peace and Good Tidings to All.



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