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What Media Bias Looks Like

By The Reverend Published: July 29, 2008

Mainstream media has been covering for John McCain ever since the general election campaign began.

When I say "covering", what I mean is that the mainstream "news" people have refused to cover McCain's many, many flip-flops, errors, mistakes, contradictions, and hypocrises. If, in a moment of weakness, these same media creatures must cover one of McCain's unavoidable embarassments, they do so in an apologetic manner, never really faulting the Arizona senator, and always finding some justification.

If these same "newspeople" treated Barack Obama similarly, then, the incompetence would at least be equally distributed. However, that's not the case. Every word that Obama utters is being microscoped for it's potential "gaffeness".

I've been mentioning this problem here and there....but now, there's a study out that proves that my observations are quite accurate. The Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University conducted the media study. Their study of the first six weeks of the general election campaign news coverage (ABC, NBC, CBS, in this case), reveals that while positive comments by newspeople towards McCain happened 43% of the time, Obama only received positive coverage 28% of the time. While McCain garnered negative comments 57% of the time in the media, Obama garnered negative comments 72% of the time. Source

I expect McCain voters will simply dismiss this study and this evidence that the "liberal" media has been favoring McCain. Inconvenient facts have a history of being ignored.

The media coverage I absorbed from last week's Obama trip is indicative of the problem. Virtually every news program picked apart Obama's trip. The same talking point, that Obama was being "presumptuous" by traveling to these many countries and speaking, could be heard on every network news show. I've never witnessed Andrea Mitchell, of NBC and MSNBC, so bitter. She had to cover Obama's trip....and her bitterness over Obama's successful trip was palpable. At times, I thought she was going to swear into the microphone. David Gregory spent a lot of time on his show spinning Obama's successful trip in a negative light. Brian Williams of NBC, donning his McCain campaign hat, arrogantly asked Obama, "Senator Obama, isn't it time for you to say you were wrong about the surge?" Kitty Pilgrim of CNN said on Saturday that Obama's words on McCain and Bush's surge were "outrageous". Just a tiny sampling.

Once again, if these same media folks would apply the same microscopic pressure to John McCain's boatload of incomprehensible rhetoric...then that would be one thing. But that hasn't been happening. There is only one media justification I can think of. The Knee Pad justification.

Could it be that the main media already knows Obama will more than likely win in a blowout and they're just trying to help McCain keep it close for the sake of ratings? If the media doesn't bias the election news towards McCain, and instead, does something they rarely do, ....tell the truth......the possibility is high that American viewers will turn off their news shows more frequently, having reached an understanding that an Obama presidency is all but a done deal.

John McCain served his country in Vietnam. But John McCain, especially at his age, is not a good presidential candidate. McCain's base, the media, knows that. So I'm sure McCain's base just wants to help their accessible buddy out a bit, you know, to save him from too much embarassment.

Problem is....the media's "helping out" of McCain is no longer distinguishable from propaganda.

Here's the Countdown clip from last night dealing with this subject....



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