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What Palin Has Wrought

By The Reverend Published: August 30, 2010

It's not all her fault.....Sarah Palin's that is. The corporate teevee media bear quite a bit of the responsibility as well.

Remember how Sister Sarah of the Wasilla Hillbillies went all Shakespere on us with her June 20th, "Peaceful Muslims pls refutiate" Tweet? What the 1/2 term governor and full time opportunist was wantin' refutiated was the construction of the Islamic Center in New York, the one now referred to as Park 51.

Of all the extreme right-siders, Palin's twit Tweet on Twitter was the most influential in arousing the national winger ire over a little-known-about and once non-controversial Manhattan zoning issue over an Islamic Community Center.

Well, those "real Americans" whom Palin represents out there in "real America" have started "refutiatin'".....and it ain't pretty....

Sheriff's deputies are investigating a complaint about shots being fired Sunday afternoon near the construction site of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, Tenn.

The report came just hours after a fire of suspicious nature damaged construction equipment at the site.

A group of congregation members was at the site looking at the damage done to construction equipment by the fire overnight when they heard nine shots fired from two directions.

Construction on a new Islamic Center in Murfeesboro began last Monday. Remember, this is Murfeesboro, Tennessee, not Manhattan.....

Phase one of the project began amid continuing debate and controversy.

Some critics oppose the new mosque objecting to Islam. Others said they don't want the traffic that comes with such a large facility.

Here's the "thinking" behind objecting to Islamic Centers in Tennessee.....

"We are fighting these people for crying out loud, we should not be promoting this," he said while standing next to the site.

Seems that those opposing the Islamic Center in Murfeesboro are just like the red-faced, nose-to-nose screamers in Manhattan who just don't think Muslims are being "sensitive" enough. Opponents of the Murfeesboro Islamic Center are simply 'refutiatin' Islam......because....well....because they are "real Americans." Real Americans who do mature and tolerant stuff like this on June 24....

An investigation is underway in Rutherford County after the sign marking the future site of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro was found vandalized for the second time this year.

The sign, located on Veals Road off Bradyville Pike, was found ripped in half on Wednesday.

In January, someone spray painted the phrase, "NOT WELCOME" on the sign. Police never found the person or persons responsible.

That was on Wednesday, June 23rd. Here's what happened on the morning of June 24th....

Thursday morning, the Islamic center was thrust into in the area's congressional race when Republican candidate Lou Ann Zelenik issued a statement that said, in part, she "stands with everyone who is opposed to the idea of an Islamic training center being built in our community."

The statement continued, "This Islamic center is not part of a religious movement, it is a political movement designed to fracture the moral and political foundation of Middle Tennessee."

This Tennessee story is one of many across the U.S. No "hallowed ground" is involved, no accusations of being 'insensitive' towards 9-11 victim's families is involved......just plain old hateful and ignorant bigotry. Sarah Palin style.

Republican celebrities, and a few spineless Democratic celebrities, have been spinning a line of bullsh*t for weeks now about how mean and hard-hearted those Manhattan Muslims are for buying a run down Burlington Coat Factory building around the corner and out of sight from Ground old dilapidated building which New York Muslims plan to tear down. Until Palin's tweet, a site where a community center for New York's 600,000 Muslims is planned.

'Why can't they move it somewhere else?', the political celebrities ask.

The Reverend's response: Where? Murfeesboro, Tennessee?



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