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Blog of Mass Destruction

What's In A Name?

By The Reverend Published: July 29, 2007

I have chosen the name Blog of Mass Destruction for a reason. Yes, it's obviously a rip off of the great danger we were warned about, the there that wasn't there, Weapons of Mass Destruction. The weapons that weren't and the threat that wasn't.

Talk of WMD's was part of a larger Madison Avenue style media campaign back in 2002-2003. A campaign to deceive Americans into believing Saddam Hussein's Iraq was a direct threat to America. That was the lie. Not that Saddam might have had WMD but that Iraq posed a direct threat to the United States.

Blog of Mass Destruction will seek to explain the genuine dangers that do indeed, directly threaten our country. The dangers of pre-emptive wars of choice and the neo-conservatives who love them. The dangers of institutionalizing torture and denying habeaus rights. The dangers of secret rendition programs and Guantanomo gulags. The dangers of allowing leaders to shred the Constitution before our very eyes. The dangers of a renegade White House claiming "unitary executive" kingship.

There are many dangerous "weapons" out there at work in America that must be outed and warned about. The danger to our state of an evangelical theocratic movement. A movement which has already shown it's ugly side with the hateful bill denying rights to gays or co-habitating couples. A national evangelical voting block whose recently deceased representative, Jerry Falwell, had said, "we own the Republican Party now."

So many dangers that could actually destroy our country if we don't act to make a change. I do not believe that Islamic extremists or other countries can destroy our society but I do believe it is possible for us to do it to ourselves.

The Reverend will be looking at all of the dangers out there. An extremist Supreme Court, election fraud, campaign

bribery financing, and one of the largest dangers to our democracy, the totally corrupt media.

In addition to the dangers our country really faces, The Reverend will be bringing you his sometimes irreverent "Interview With Jesus" postings on occasion which seek to shine a light on religion of today. These "Interviews" may unsettle some a bit, provoke others and really

freaking piss some people off upset some.

Blog of Mass Destruction's starting point will be that wisdom is not conventional, truth must be searched for and is not often told and what we do as individuals or as societies or as a superpower deserve to be continually scrutinized.

So stop back and tell your friends,..... I promise ya''s gonna' be a helluva' lot of fun and who knows, maybe we'll all learn stuff too.



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