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What's The Problem With Iraq? It's America's Democracy

By The Reverend Published: July 31, 2007

David Ignatius is a columnist for the Washington Post. After reading his stuff for awhile now and listening and watching him on the teevee "news" shows, The Reverend has come to the conclusion that Ignatius, a nice man I'm sure, is a very, very, serious political writer and opinionist who sees things others are simply incapable of seeing.

Ignatius has been a strong supporter of Bush's Iraq crime turned quagmire. His columns cheerled the mighty Vietnam Avoiding Commander Guy as he deceitfully led America into his pre-emptive war of choice.

But see....Ignatius knows better than the unwashed masses out their in Podunkville, America. He's a deep and serious thinker and he simply sees things from his lofty perch that average Joe SixPacker can't see. What kinds of things? I'm so glad you asked.

In his column reprinted today in the Beacon The Reverend found these "serious" gems....

It's hard for anyone to take American power seriously when prominent members of Congress are declaring the war already lost....

This is a moment when America would be better served by a parliamentary system.....

But we go to war with the democracy we've got, with all its intrinsic impatience.....

Future military planners will have to recognize that American democracy, in which political mandates must be renewed in two-year increments, makes us uniquely unsuited to fight protracted counterinsurgency wars.....

Extricating the U.S. safely from Iraq will be difficult under the best of circumstances. But it will be impossible if the necessary bargaining takes place against a backdrop of continual congressional demands for a faster withdrawal.....

Breathtakingly serious, no?

The reason no one can take American power "seriously", according to oh-so-serious Ignatius, is not because of unilateral pre-emptive invasions of sovereign nations by Decider commanded American forces, F'ing everything up. Instead, it is because of those pesky and cantankerous CongressCritters who argue all the time. And before you can say 'Knee Padding for Commander Codpiece', Ignatius seems to blame the whole problem of Iraq on...wait for it....OUR AMERICAN DEMOCRACY.

We could use a "parliamentary system" instead of the one we have and all of the unwashed and unserious masses of Americans are just, "intrinsic(ly) impatient". Our governing system is "uniquely unsuited" for wars of counterinsurgency with all our messy "congressional demands", you know, all that democracy stuff those silly old Framer's had in mind. That two year House of Representatives election cycle stuff.....makes the American system of democracy just a bit out of touch for the modern era.

Then Ignatius soars into the serious stratosphere of his own making.....

Sen. Barack Obama: ''I think we can be as careful getting out as we were careless getting in.''

Obama is right and so, for that matter, is President Bush when he says much the same thing. Link

Ignatius doesn't think our American democracy serves us very well in the Iraq situation what with all the arguing and debate and disagreement, let alone the impatience of all us silly voters who actually choose new representatives every (gasp) two years.

One thing that David can see from that lofty elitist perch he sits upon is that Bush, who has never, ever mentioned anything about getting out of Iraq ("leaving is losing") now shockingly, agrees with Barak Obama on Iraq.

That, my blog reading friends, is undoubtedly something Ignatius and his like-minded serious "journalists" are exclusively qualified to see.

When The Reverend starts seeing stuff that isn't there, Mrs. Reverend simply has me sit down and rest a spell. But then The Reverend is not a serious and solemn national columnist like David Ignatius.



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