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When A Treaty Isn't A Treaty

By The Reverend Published: January 26, 2008

The New York Times gives us the latest White House gamesmanship approach to keeping our military in Iraq endlessly. The contempt this administration has demonstrated towards our law based and Constitution guided nation is no longer breathtaking, though it is that. It is now simply predictable.

I did find some twisted humor, however, in this.....

With its international mandate in Iraq set to expire in 11 months, the Bush administration will insist that the government in Baghdad give the United States broad authority to conduct combat operations and guarantee civilian contractors specific legal protections from Iraqi law, according to administration and military officials.

This emerging American negotiating position faces a potential buzz saw of opposition from Iraq, with its fragmented Parliament, weak central government and deep sensitivities about being seen as a dependent state, according to these officials.

At the same time, the administration faces opposition from Democrats at home, who warn that the agreements that the White House seeks would bind the next president by locking in Mr. Bush’s policies and a long-term military presence.

The Iraqis don't want us there. The Americans don't want us there. What is a poor neo-con Leader to do? When the nation you planned to place permanent U.S. military bases in, doesn't want you to do so......and the American people whom you lied to in order to take the military to Iraq in the first place,.....who have since found out about the lies, .... don't want you to permanently base the American military inside Iraq either....what can a Codpieced Commander Decider Guy do?

Bullsh*t his way through ......that's what.

Administration officials are describing their draft proposal in terms of a traditional status-of-forces agreement, an accord that has historically been negotiated by the executive branch and signed by the executive branch without a Senate vote.


Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said Thursday. "...... I think the way to think about the framework agreement is an approach to normalizing the relationship between the United States and Iraq.”


Representative Bill Delahunt, Democrat of Massachusetts said Wednesday at a hearing of a foreign affairs subcommittee held to review the matter. “This could very well implicate our military forces in a full-blown civil war in Iraq. If a commitment of this magnitude does not rise to the level of a treaty, then it is difficult to imagine what could.”

When is a treaty not one? When Junior says so.

It would go something like this,..... if I would paraphrase a purely fictional conversation.....

"Excuse me for saying this Mr. President, but Jesus, we can't sign a treaty without the Congress, it's not Constitutional", Gates might say.

"Bob, it's not a treaty. What ever gave you that idea? And don't take my Lord and Saviour's name in vain. It's a "status of forces agreement", that's all. Presidents do them all the time," Junior responds.

Bush goes further, "Robert, think of this "status of forces agreement" in the same way we think about torture. We don't torture, do we Bob? Waterboard? Yes. Sleep and temperature deprivation? Yes. Enhanced interrogation methods? Sure. But see? That's not torture. Why is it not torture Bob? Because we say it isn't. That's the same way you should regard this talk about treaties. "Status of forces agreement"? Sure. Treaty? No. Why Bob? That's right....because we say it isn't a treaty."

Gates ponders the Decider's decidedly decided words, looks at the Commander Guy with a questioning brow and asks, "But Mr. Dear Leader, isn't that being underhanded and deceitful to Congress and the American people?"

"Bob, Bob, Bob....," Bush snaps, "When has it ever been about them? Come on. What am I dealing with here?....... Maybe I should have kept Rumsfeld on. Don at least knew when we tortured that we really weren't. He would have known when a treaty wasn't really a treaty.....but really was. Follow me, Bob?"

"Well....", Gates begins to say.

"I know what you're thinking Bob", Junior interrupts, "'re thinking that you'll have to lie about this treaty stuff. You just can't think of it as lying, Bob, beause it's not lying. We create reality now. Whatever we say reality reality. We're an empire now. Everything has changed. Even the meaning of words and ideas...and even testimony under oath.....are interpretative. Falsehoods are no longer false. Empirical evidence is neither."

Gates looks directly at his president and asks, "Mr. President Leader, does that mean when you called yourself the Decider and the Commander Guy and even Still Relevant,.....that you really weren't?"

"You're catching on..Bob," Junior answers smiling



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