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When America Hires Death Squads

By The Reverend Published: September 20, 2007


Blackwater, one of America's hired death squad companies working in Iraq, has been ordered out of the country by Iraqi leaders for it's reckless violent behavior most recently culminating in the slaughtering of a couple and their infant.

Typical contrived confusion concerning the story has been coming out of the American Embassy in Iraq as well as from a variety of official U.S. spokespeople.

The NY Times had this account yesterday. Here are tidbits....

A preliminary Iraqi report on a shooting involving an American diplomatic motorcade said Tuesday that Blackwater security guards were not ambushed, as the company reported, but instead fired at a car when it did not heed a policeman's call to stop, killing a couple and their infant.

The report, by the Ministry of Interior, was presented to the Iraqi cabinet and, though unverified, seemed to contradict an account offered by Blackwater USA that the guards were responding to gunfire by militants. The report said Blackwater helicopters had also fired. The Ministry of Defense said 20 Iraqis had been killed, a far higher number than had been reported before.


"The traffic policeman was trying to open the road for them," he said. "It was a crowded square. But one small car did not stop. It was moving very slowly. They shot against the couple and their child. They started shooting randomly."

In video shot shortly after the episode, the child appeared to have burned to the mother's body after the car caught fire, according to an official who saw it.

In interviews on Tuesday, six Iraqis who had been in the area at the time of the shooting, including a man who was wounded and an Iraqi Army soldier who helped rescue people, offered roughly similar versions.

However, the key sentence in the Times piece is this....

The shooting, which took place on Sunday, has angered Iraqi officials and touched off a harsh debate about private security companies, which operate outside Iraqi law, a privilege extended to them by Americans officials while Iraq's government was still under American administration.

Not only do the Bush hired American death squads in Iraq "operate outside Iraqi law", but they also operate outside American law as well. Paul Bremer made sure to include a number of imperialistic laws, something you would expect from empire building occupiers, just before he handed the Iraqis the keys to their own country. That must be why the Decider decided to award Bremer with a Medal of Freedom.

..among the rank and file of security contractors, Blackwater guards are regularly ridiculed as cowboys who are relentlessly and pointlessly aggressive, carry excessive weaponry and do not appear to have top-of-the-line training.

Blackwater, with their $100+million contract in Iraq, must be there in Iraq not only to provide security but also to win over the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people.

Blackwater seems to have gone to school off of Commander Guy's methods of winning over middle eastern Muslims. President Bush ordered the attack, invasion and occupation of the sovereign nation of Iraq, a country posing no threat to America, to liberate the people there. His method of liberating them consisted of killing tens of thousands of Iraqis, destroying a good deal of Iraq's infrastructure, dismantling all remnants of an orderly society, and privatizing Iraq's economy. All of this "liberation" resulted in 4 million more Iraqis fleeing their provinces. They still have not reutrned. When insurgents rose up to defend against the imperialistic aggression, Mr. Cowboy himself, in a stroke of what can only be called blinding brilliance, declared, "Bring 'em on".

And so you see, Blackwater is only imitating the Bush style of winning hearts and minds. Hard to blame them for following their Leader.

And the official State Department response to more death squad action by U.S. private contractors (which, by the way, outnumber our military forces)?

Sean McCormack, the spokesman for the State Department, said in a briefing that contractors "are subject to Department of State rules of engagement."

"These are defensive in nature," he said. When contractors and employees are attacked, he added, they "will respond with graduated use of force, proportionate to the kind of fire and attack that they're coming under."

The Iraqis simply haven't received the memo yet. They probably didn't watch the Great and Serious Debate on the Senate floor which led to yet another "stay the course"

rubber stamping serious and resolute vote. I realize it's tough for Iraqis to know what's going on with, you know, only 3 hours of electricity per day. If they would have been able to view those Most Serious of All Great and Serious World Statesmen in our Greatest Deliberative Body, the Iraqis minds would have been set at ease. The reason? "The surge is working".



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