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When Neo-Cons Are Let Out of Their Padded Cells

By The Reverend Published: September 22, 2007


Here's some proof that neo-cons can't be allowed out of their padded cells after dark.....

Getting at Root Causes [Cliff May]

Senators Lieberman and Kyl are offering an amendment today calling on the US to combat, contain and roll back Iran's aggression in Iraq. It also designates the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization.

As General Petraeus and his troops continue to defeat al-Qaeda in Iraq ... and they are ... the biggest threat to Iraq's stability and independence is Iranian intervention: both direct and through the militias and death squads that Tehran arms, funds and directs.

We either confront this enemy ...or we let them defeat us. We know what and its friends on the Hill prefer. Link

Brilliant, no? I suppose this amendment was offered by these two fascists because the first illegal invasion and occupation in the middle east is, like, going so well.

I know what these nuts must be up to....which nuts?.....Joementum and Kyl....those nuts. They must want to test how prepared our Great and Glorious Homeland Security Department has made the country since 9-11, after a few years now of handing out money to cronies. They must have calculated that if we attack Iran, then Iran would send several hundred suiciders over to the U.S. to blow up busses and train stations and malls and whatnot and that would give the Homeland Security section of American Mobster Rule a real test.

None of those mock exercises for Joementum and Kyl....nosirreee....they want the real deal. I'm sure they only want what's best for

Israel America. And what better way to know if we are "safer" than to have a well prepared national terrorist group unleashed inside of our country?

No wonder these two statesmen are senators. Senators like Joementum and Kyl are the kind of smart and honest leaders who know how to secure

Israel our nation. Attacking Iran is just a brilliant display of their lofty thinking process. Normal, average Americans would have never been able to plumb the depths of wisdom like these two patriots have. Thank God we have leaders like these two.

And so what if they have to be put back in their padded cells each night after the Senate adjourns? Are you going to hold that against them? I'm not.

Hey....even the deranged come up with good ideas once in awhile.



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