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When Vacuuming Up All U.S. Communications Is Just Not Enough

By The Reverend Published: August 17, 2007


From CNN....

Mike McConnell, the director of national intelligence, gave the Department of Homeland Security expanded authority to use spy satellites to monitor images on borders within the United States, officials tell CNN.

Charles Allen, chief intelligence officer with the Department of Homeland Security, said the move will also help with security during natural disasters.

"This is a development all Americans should have great pride in, because it expands and uses the national technical systems that we've built for tens of billions of dollars over many decades," Allen said.

"Now we're going to use it to help us protect the homeland and also help the homeland respond and recover in case of hurricanes, earthquakes, natural disasters or man-made attacks upon the United States."

Because there are complicated issues regarding laws and civil liberties, the satellites will not be used for law enforcement purposes until next year, an official said.

What are the Homeland "protectors" to do when opening your mail, sucking up all your e-mails, eavesdropping on all your phone calls, and strip searching you before you get on an airplane, simply isn't getting the job done?

Turn those spy satellites on us, that's what. I mean, hells bells Loretta, our taxes paid for 'em.....might as well get some good use out of 'em. And what better use could there possibly be than tracking American citizens anytime and all the time?

Yeah, they COULD track natural disasters. Yeah, they COULD track those illegals at the border. But you and I know that's not what they'll do.

And sure, there are those "complicated issues" of, you know, silly stuff of insignificance like "laws and civil liberties"....but The Reverend is damn sure that 2 late night sessions in Congress can handle those silly "issues".

As George Tenet would say...."Slam dunk".



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