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When Will Boehner Do The Right Thing?

By The Reverend Published: October 6, 2013

Today's case study.....

The solution to the shutdown should be pretty simple: Democrats and a small band of House Republicans could outvote Boehner on the floor and pass a “clean” funding bill.

There are enough members of the GOP who say they want to vote that way to create a coalition, and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has said the president wants them to be able to cast those votes.

But so far, no one is moving to make it happen.

Politico, like many, many online and print media outlets, is a conservative-leaning, GOP-favoring establishment pretending to be part of the Goldilocks Village, where only Village members have it just right. The Politico Playbook moment each day on MSNBC's Morning Blow is usually a nauseating "we have it just right" report on something....but always with a "this helps Republicans" finish.

With that in mind, get another load of what Politico's Jonathan Allen was shoveling here....

"But so far, no one is moving to make it happen."

No one, Allen says, is moving to take an up or down vote on a continuing resolution or an increase in the debt limit. Obviously, unless you have been dead the last week, you know President Obama and House Democrats have been calling for a "clean" vote every day for quite awhile. But you see, Jonathan Allen thinks he's clever. Obama can't "move to make it happen" because he doesn't run the House, same with House Democrats. House Democrats actually have "moved" to try and get the House Speaker to permit an up or down vote.

Politico's Allen didn't use the words "calling for" in his "But so far, no one is moving to make it happen"....because that would have been a huge and obvious lie.....because Obama, Democrats and even some anonymous House Republicans have been "calling for" a clean vote.

Now tell me this....who is the unnamed person in Allen's article, who is the "no one"?
Exactly, Speaker of the House John Boehner. The only "no one" who can make a "move" to call for an up or down vote is John Boehner. Allen knows this and is purposely covering for the GOP Speaker by a too-cute-by-half omission.

Allen's sentence should have read...."But so far, Speaker John Boehner has not moved to make that happen." But that could be seen as a mild rebuke of Boehner and raise the question of who is really to blame for being unreasonably stubborn. So, Jonathan Allen pretends some mysterious, unnamed "no one" has yet to step up to the plate to call for an up or down vote in the House.

That, my friends, is a prime example of why I agree with Josh Marshall (TalkingPointsMemo) when he says D.C. is "wired fr Republicans." Jonathan Allen's interpretation of why an up or down vote has not happened in the House is an effort in protecting the GOP Speaker from criticism or blame.

Now the truth. House Republicans are obstructionists extraordinaire. The last Congress and the current Congress have been the least productive Congresses in all of U.S. history. Even though a clean CR and a clean debt limit increase vote in the House has a high degree of chance of passing with some 200 Democratic votes plus a minimum of 17 House GOP votes, Boehner (the "no one" in Allen's article) continues refusing to call for such a vote. Boehner knows clean bills might pass.....and THAT'S why he won't call for an up or down vote. He knows there's a high likelihood of  clean bills passing.

So, Boehner has CHOSEN to shut the government down. It's the "no one" Speaker who wanted the shut satisfy a smallish group of House anarchists who intend on taking Boehner's scalp if he doesn't destroy part of the federal government.

Democrats and the president are not going to budge and grant ANY concessions.....they can't. Not if they want to prevent the slow, but continual, destruction of the nation by hostage takers and ransom letter writing state enemies.

Eventually, John Boehner....the unnamed "no one" in the Politico GOP apologist article....will be forced to take an up or down vote. Eventually, Boehner is going to have to ask House Democrats to join a couple dozen non-hostage taking House Republicans to pass the CR and the debt limit increase.

But so far, ahem, John Boehner hasn't moved to call for that vote.



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